DHF T30 axial fan\ blower fan\ ventilation fan

DHF T30 axial fan\ blower fan\ ventilation fan

Product description:

DHF T30 axial fan/ blower fan/ ventilation fan

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Axial Flow Fan T30 Series

With low noise, large air volume, low power consumption, reasonable structure and other characteristics. Its blade is based on the design and manufacture of three-dimensional flow theory, is the chemical industry, light industry, civil construction, luxury hotels and other departments ideal choice of new equipment. This series fan for the mining industry, workshop and warehouse and other places for summer cooling ventilation use.


Leaves T30 (C) flow fan-belt drive shaft using a special twist arc design, chassis flange flanging process, so that the lower fan noise, the greater the amount of wind characteristics. The use of advanced technology to make the surface of the painting for a long time to keep clean, nice point. Fan performance, easy maintenance, widely used in warehouses, workshops and entertainment purposes, such as ventilation. Use spaces contain flammable, corrosive gases, the temperature does not exceed 60 ℃.

Installation note:

1. Pre-installation check carefully whether the blades have been damaged due to transportation or deformed, whether the screws are loose connections, chassis deformation, the impeller and the casing is grazing, the gap is uniform, the power connector is loose or should before installation after the repair.

2. Before starting the fan, you should first check whether or interfere with the rotation of the object around the installation angle of the four blades are the same, or should be adjusted.

3, the fan motor running in case the temperature exceeds 75 ℃, motor smoke, excessive vibration and the larger end of the run that grazing should sound, and then repair.

4, motor bearing damage, with the gap is too small, the shaft and the bearing mounting skew, pipe resistance is too large too low voltage electric current that may cause the motor to generate heat, should be adjusted.

5, the fan does not use long-term, should be placed dry place to prevent moisture damage to the motor.

6, ducted fan only allows horizontal mounting.

Product Name:

ventilation exhaust fan | Axial Fan | Small fans | portable fans | portable fan | Mobile Fans | pumping fan

TypeVoltagePowerSpeedTotal pressureAir Volume
5C380V1.5KW1600R/ MIN128PA7650
6C380V2.2KW1450R/ MIN180PA14000

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