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Yoga mats | Rose 6mm

Yoga mats | Rose 6mm
  • Yoga mats | Rose 6mm
Product code: 18521300001
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Other info: 151KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 173cm X 61cm X 0.6cm

Weight: 1.51 Kg

Material: PVC foam + Polyester

Colour: Rose red

SKU: 901959-B11-17-03

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(Material): pvc foam + polyester network layer
(Features): soft, excellent flexibility, a sense of physical pain can be less contact with the ground, slip good effect, excellent toughness, resistance to Zhang Liqiang can effectively block ground cold, strong grip, tile fit perfectly the quality of light. , small size, easy to carry. shrink film packaging.
(Uses): You can do all kinds of ground mat exercises: sit-ups, push-ups, aerobics, yoga, etc. can also be used for picnics and other outdoor use both sides are available, good flexibility while avoiding various parts of the body movement. resulting in pain and left a black mark. super elastic minimal movement and reduce injuries.
(Convenience): can roll up collection and easy to carry.
(Cleaning and durability): Available water and wipe with a wet cloth

Condition: New

Size: 173 cm X 61 X 0.6 厘米 厘米

Weight: 1.51 kg

Material: pvc foam + polyester

Color: Rose Red

SKU: 901959-B11-17-03

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