DHF G series pipeline axial fan\ blower fan\ ventilation fan

DHF G series pipeline axial fan\ blower fan\ ventilation fan

Product description:

DHF G series pipeline axial fan/ blower fan/ ventilation fan

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SF (G) Type Pipeline Axial Flow Fan Series

With low noise, large air volume, low power consumption, reasonable structure and other characteristics. Its blade is based on the design and manufacture of three-dimensional flow theory, is the chemical industry, light industry, civil construction, luxury hotels and other departments ideal choice of new equipment. This series fan for the mining industry, workshop and warehouse and other places for summer cooling ventilation use.


This series of fan blades with a special twist arc design, chassis flange flanging process, the fan has a quieter, more air volume and other characteristics. Surface painting process using advanced surface to keep clean for a long time, nice advantages. Fans of the series with excellent performance, easy maintenance, widely used in warehouses, workshops and several entertainment and other ventilation purposes. Gas transportation should be no significant dust, its temperature does not exceed 80 ℃.

Product Name:

ventilation exhaust fan | Axial Fan | Small fans | portable fans | portable fan | Mobile Fans | pumping fan

TypeVoltagePowerSpeedTotal pressureAir Volume
3G-4220/380V250W1400R/ MIN73-42PA1000-2000
3.5G-4220/380V370W1400R/ MIN100-57PA2000-3000
4G-4220/380V550W1400R/ MIN150-98PA2675-5000
5G-4220/380V750W/ 1.5KW1400R/ MIN236-106PA/ 248-152PA3835-8001
6G-4220/380V2.2KW1400R/ MIN322-208PA8591-15640
6G-6220/380V1.1KW960R/ MIN177-119PA3000-10635
7G-4220/380V3KW1400R/ MIN236-137PA14000-22000
8G-4220/380V4KW1400R/ MIN482-175PA13000-25000

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