Guardian angels of love | Birthday/gift of love | Romantic night lights

Guardian angels of love | Birthday/gift of love | Romantic night lights

Product description:

Guardian Angel Plaster Sculpture Illumination White

Condition: 100% brand new, high quality

Material: plaster

Color: white

Base dimension: 9cm X 6.5cm X 1.2cm (L X W X H)

Total length: 15.4cm

Weight: 0.208kg

[Statue's configuration]:

The guardian angel has a beautiful dainty little face with dark eyes, a cute little nose and perfect pale red lips, beautiful and pure. She sits on the flowers and her wide spread wings are detailed and show all of her beautiful feathers which are made of genuine animal's feathers.

There is a dove standing on the hands of the angel, meaning peace, tranquility and good luck.


u Vivid and authentic looking, made of plaster material, lightweight and eye-catching.

u There is a power switch in the bottom of statue, it needs three batteries. When light turns on, the whole statue will be full of colorful light, glittering and interesting.

u Special and unique design, exquisite in craftsmanship, it is really a good choice for your lovely little ones and dear friends as the birthday gift.

Angel sculpture casts a gentle glow of security and love all throughout the evening. Lovely by day and night, simply switch her on and she will illuminate with an ever-changing LED light, makes a lovely addition to a child's nursery or bedroom.

White angel sculpture Romantic night lights

Condition: brand new, high quality

Color: white

Material: plaster

Length overall: 15.4cm

Base dimensions: 9cm X 6.5cm X 1.2cm (L X W X H)

Weight: 0.208kg

White Angel sculptures, romantic night lights, fine workmanship, elegant beauty. White symbolizes purity, the purity of the Angel is made of genuine feathers crafted into. Sculptures of angels around the petals, white dove in his hands, a symbol of peace and tranquility.

Sculpture base with a switch, turn on the light, angel sculpture as a whole will be in a magic world, different colors of lights will exceptionally beautiful sculpture embellishment.