Deer | mixed colors with stripes flat flip-flops | sandals and slippers / sandals | Black | 35 码

Deer | mixed colors with stripes flat flip-flops | sandals and slippers / sandals | Black | 35 码

Product description:

Condition: Brand new

Size: 35

Weight: 0.12 Kg

Material: Foam plastics

Colour: Black

SKU: 901959-A27-26-05

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1, baby slip absorbent material, sturdy and durable, the end of a rubber layer, is not generally comparable cheap slippers, wearing a soft, is not feeling hard, or fatigue, fabulous.

2, soft rubber shoelaces, do not wear the foot, wearing tight material is not crushed.

3, slipper version is very good, relatively thin, the version is difficult to make, the general market's version is very wide, flat head, the way it is not fit. Can be seen from the figure, the kind It will make you satisfied.

Color •: Coffee / dark blue / black / purple / pink

• Weight •: about 0.12 KG / double (yardage varies naturally different weight)

• Sole thickness •: first covenant: 1.5 CM

• Packaging •: Original transparent opp bag

• Size •: 35/36/37/38/39 code

• code number Size •:

36 yards - the end of a long 24CM, to the usual 35/36 code Wear.

37 yards - the end of a long 24.5CM, to the usual 37 yards Wear.

38 yards - the end of a long 25CM, to the usual 38 yards Wear.

39 yards - the end of a long 26CM, to the usual 39 yards Wear.

• Remarks : How many yards can be worn to the usual ~ is the result of our try for reference purposes only! ~

Specific please combined bottom long (bottom long as the amount of artificial hands, soles of the strengths for the amount, within the error 0.5-1CM are normal)! ~

Foot fat, high instep or like to wear loose points, you can choose to increase one yards.

Condition: New

Size: 35

Weight: 0.12 kg

Materials: foamed plastic

Colour: Black

SKU: 901959-A27-26-05

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