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Ikbc c87 c104 G104 G87cherry cherry axis | support MAC | game no punch mechanical keyboard

Ikbc c87 c104 G104 G87cherry cherry axis | support MAC | game no punch mechanical keyboard
Product code: 18462300030
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: iKBC HS F104 G104
  • Brand: iKBC
  • Model: HS F104 G104
  • Package Type: Package One Package Two Package Three official standard
  • Yes No Mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color classification: G104 'white red axis' G104' white tea shaft 'G104' white green axis' G104 'white black shaft' G87 'white black shaft' G87 'white green axis' G87' white tea shaft 'G87' white red axis 'C104 White Green C104 Black Black C104 Black Tea C104 White Black C104 White Tea C154 Black Green C104 White Red Axle c87 Black Black C87 Black Green C87 Black Tea Cave Black C57 Black Red C7 White Black Shaft c87 White Green Axis c87 White Tea Cake White Corner C104 Black Red Shaft
  • Whether to support plug and play: support
  • Connection: Wired
  • Is there a multimedia function key: None
  • Interface Type: USB
  • Whether to support ergonomics: support

As the keycap in the production of transport, lose the process inevitably cause bumps squeeze, so after the dip may make individual keycap small scratches to show, we try to avoid, hope we understand! Severe obsessive-compulsive disorder patients can consider the shop Of the keycap finished and the official standard, no scratches! Or their own dip!

Package 1 Package 2 Package 3. All for the next order after the lights and infection. Will be delayed than the standard delivery, the specific delivery time consultation customer service. After delivery is no longer returned, if considering the axis or More tangled can be late to change their own lights and buy a separate keycap link!

C series G series keyboard standard for no light, G series lights after the word through, light effect more, consider changing lights And used in the MAC system Amoy Friends can choose the G series of the keyboard. Do not have too much light on the request or replace the transparent button cap Amoy Friends can choose C series.

C series and G series standard are no light, Amoy Friends light familiar. Package 1 to change the lights have light. Package 2 for the keycap infection color light. Package 3 is to change the light plus keycap color. C series Is the windows dedicated keyboard, G series is to support both windows and MAC system, not MAC exclusive does not support windows. Keyboard in the lights or keycap infection no longer support no reason to return, if not sure the circumstances can buy standard Later re-issued back to the lights and the purchase of a separate infection keycap replacement.

Package customization no longer supports no reason to be returned.