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Lavo | PC Camera | Free Drive HD Desktop Video | Notebook with Microphone Microphone Night Vision

Lavo | PC Camera | Free Drive HD Desktop Video | Notebook with Microphone Microphone Night Vision
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: RQESO / Leh MH370
  • Appearance: cartoon
  • Storage type: other / other
  • Supported operating systems: Mac OS Windows Windows phone Andrews system
  • Do you need to drive: free drive
  • Network connection: Wired connection
  • Color classification: red blue gold
  • Pixels: 12 million
  • Sensor type: CMOS
  • Maximum resolution: 640x480
  • Condition: New
  • Additional features: night vision
  • Brand: RQESO / Le Fu
  • Model: MH370

Camera usage:

1. Directly inserted in the back of the chassis USB interface, do not have poor quality extension cable and USB splitter; (Desktop try not to plug in front of the USB port. Because the front of the USB is likely to extend out of power supply instability)

2. Pixel is not clear, you can directly rotate the camera in front of the circle to adjust the clarity;

3. Speaker and camera distance of 40 cm, to help prevent interference, leading to the microphone echo;

4. Do not use the camera facing the back of the window, that is not facing the camera light, and the face back light.

If you have any questions, contact our online customer service and technology, we will be dedicated to help you solve the problem, blind poor assessment is not solve the problem!

The microphone has no sound solution

1. Open a QQ friends - click on the video next to the down arrow - Voice Test Wizard - the default microphone to USB2.0MIC - Next - done.

Built-in microphone echo problem:

General chat with built-in microphone plus speakers or headphones enough, if it is YY QT UC and other chat rooms, a separate software recording and game inside the use of this USB is not recommended because the USB microphone is omni-directional microphone , The local self and their own tests, the same room test, QQ pages, cell phone test will have a serious interference and echo, you can directly and distant friends test the microphone, the sound is very clear and large.

There is no image

WIN7 system in my computer which does not display the camera icon (this can be manually added.) You can go to the QQ video settings inside to see the effect of the video.

Device Manager has an exclamation point. Is generally due to the loss of system files or anti-virus software is occupied by the video screen can not be used. You can find our technical after-sale to your remote solution.


The camera does not look at the input pixel data, the standard is the value-added pixels, that is, in a better light environment, the camera adjusts to the best effect of the state because of different light, the environment, the camera's acquisition effect is not the same . Camera is not possible to achieve the hardware 10 million pixels, 1200W component pixel camera price is absolutely more than 600 yuan! Digital cameras are more than 800 million pixels, the most important computer camera is able to meet the family's video needs like.