Edifier / Edifier | E3200 Multimedia 2.1 Active Computer Speakers | Wooden Wired Subwoofer

Edifier / Edifier | E3200 Multimedia 2.1 Active Computer Speakers | Wooden Wired Subwoofer

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier E3200
  • Packing volume: 424 * 305 * 292mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • Gross weight: 7
  • Box material: wood
  • color: black
  • After-sales service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Edifier
  • Edifier model: E3200

E3200 Details

Edifier E series of successful launch, leading the industry revolution, set off a charm storm, but also to most consumers surprised, the original speaker can be so beautiful. Continue to launch e3300's sister product-e3200.E new members of the e3300 inherited the design style, the same red and black colors used to show the unique young atmosphere, the following we will carry out a detailed reading.

A low speaker

Different from the e3300, e3200 uses a more traditional acoustic structure, but the appearance of excellence. Its subwoofer with high-quality medium density wood structure, effectively reducing the resonant and box sound. The bass cabinet dignified, atmospheric, thick, feel Also very good.

Subwoofer front panel and satellite box to pay more attention to maintain a unified style, although the pyramid-shaped subwoofer into a square box, but it looks very coordinated here is the test designer's design skills.

Second, the satellite box

In order to meet the trend of flat panel display, e3200 satellites are designed to be thin tall and thin shape, saving every inch of valuable desktop space.

Satellites with waist design, 'short and long legs', in line with the popular aesthetic, waist with a thin red line modification, Dayton was angry.

Satellite box interface for the arc triangle, the curvature is very small, but different from the line, can produce better optical effects, this surface design, easy to produce high-contrast satellite lines vertical lines, so that satellite box is more slender Elegant. Edifier advanced mold technology, refused to polish, direct mold release from the box surface as bright as a mirror.

The bottom of the satellites is gray soft pad.Do not underestimate the foot pad, she uses a chemically stable non-toxic materials, even if the long-term placed in the white desktop, she will not leave traces.The traditional foot Pad, a little longer, the material in the pad will penetrate into the light-colored desktop, can not be wiped .Satellite box at the bottom, respectively marked 'L' 'R', user identification and positioning. Such a small detail, the Cruiser will not effect.

Third, the acoustic structure

In order to ensure sound quality, satellite box with a double frequency design, using a 3/4 inch tweeter.In order to maintain the satellite box beautiful body, Edifier designed a separate midrange unit, using a 50mm * 90mm size Oval speakers, so that not only ensure the appearance, but also to ensure the sound quality.

Fourth, handling

E3200 uses a circular wire controller, this wire controller uses a counterweight design, an increase of weight-line controller, the bottom is also installed non-slip mat, this design will not be as easy as some plastic wire controller floating , Regulation when the full table scurrying.This line controller can achieve one-handed control.

Knob with large diameter design, the rotation feel far better than the general small wheel. Knob surface of the advanced electroplating process and CNC machine tools, so that the wire controller flashed a metallic luster. In the base part of the controller , The design of a set of headphone output, the user can easily change the headset. There is also a group of AUX input, the interface is prepared for MP3. When power, the wire will issue a circle of red halo, warm and charming. Another headphone jack extension line matching, for headset users)

Because the wire controller has a certain weight, in case of accidentally fall, will have a greater pull force on the interface.In order to achieve more control and more reliable connection performance, e3200 uses a DB9 interface, this interface Rarely used for the speaker, this interface can ensure that the connection is very strong. Low-end remote control is often able to let the speaker received the broadcast, because the lack of shield cable, e3200 connections are shielded to ensure that Signal transmission quality, from outside interference.

In addition to DB9 interface, in the back of the speaker also set the power switch and bass adjustment knob, and a conventional input jack, the overall design is relatively simple.

V. Conclusion

Edifier e3200 adhering to the simple and stylish design, black main colors with red lines modified, giving a mysterious beauty, specially designed satellite box is also in line with the taste of the young people today.As Edifier e series of heavy products, modeling Very creative, beautiful sound quality, complemented by good handling, the pursuit of alternative fashion you, e3200 will be a very good choice.