Edifier / Cruiser | E3200 Multimedia 2.1 powered computer speakers | wooden subwoofer stereo wire

Edifier / Cruiser | E3200 Multimedia 2.1 powered computer speakers | wooden subwoofer stereo wire

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Edifier / Edifier E3200
  • Packaging volume: 424 * 305 * 292mm
  • Channel: 2.1
  • Condition: New
  • GW: 7
  • Cabinet Material: Wood
  • color: black
  • Service: Genius
  • Brand: Edifier / Cruiser
  • Cruiser Model: E3200

E3200 details

E-Series Walkman successful product launches, led the industry revolution, setting off a storm charm, but also to most consumers surprised, the original speaker can be so beautiful. Of course, this did not stop the walker, but make continued efforts to launch e3300 sibling -e3200. the new E members inherited e3300 design style, uses the same red and black colors to show the unique young atmosphere, we will conduct the following detailed interpretation.

First, low-speakers

With different e3300, e3200 uses a more traditional acoustic structure, but the shape of excellence. Its subwoofer with high-density wooden structures, reduce resonance and sound box production. Whole bass cabinet dignified atmosphere, thick, feel also very good.

Focus more on the front panel of the subwoofer and the satellites maintain a unified style, although pyramid-shaped subwoofer into a square box, but it looks very coordinated. Here is a challenge to the designer's design skills areas.

Second, satellites

In order to meet the arrival of the trend of flat-panel displays, e3200 The satellites are designed to be thin and lanky shape, saving every inch of valuable desktop space.

Satellites using waist design, 'body and short legs', in line with the now popular aesthetic, thin waist using a red modification, Dayton was angry.

Satellites interface arcuate triangle, curvature is small, but is different from a straight line, which can produce better optical effect, this surface design, easy for the satellites to produce high-contrast vertical lines, so that even more slender satellites elegant. Cruiser advanced mold technology, refused grinding, direct release from the body surface like a mirror bright shine on people.

The bottom of the satellites is the use of soft gray pads. Do not underestimate the mats, she uses a chemically stable, non-toxic materials, even if long placed on a white table, she would not leave marks. The traditional foot pad, longer days, the Ottomans substance will seep into the desktop go light, you can not wipe off. satellites bottom of the box were marked 'L' 'R', user identification and placement. even such minute details, movers will not be overlooked.

Third, the acoustic structure

To ensure quality, the satellites using a double crossover design, using a 3/4 inch tweeter. In order to keep the satellites graceful figure, movers individually designed midrange unit, using a 50mm * 90mm size oval speaker, it will ensure the appearance, but also to ensure quality.

Fourth, handling

e3200 uses a circular wired remote control, this wired remote control using a counterweight design, increasing the wired remote control weight, the bottom also installed non-slip mat, this design is not the same as some floating plastic wired remote control when adjusting the table full of scurrying. The wired remote control can achieve single-handed regulation.

Knob large diameter design, feel far superior to the general rotation of the small dial Knob surface using advanced plating technology and CNC machine tools, processing, wired remote lets flashed an unique metallic sheen. Online controller base portion ., is designed with a headphone output, users can easily switch to the headset as well as a set of AUX input, this interface is MP3 ready when energized, wired remote control will issue a red circle aura, warm and charming. (Note: another optional extension cable headphone jack for headset users)

Since the wired remote control has a certain weight, Wan accidentally fall, will have a greater pulling force on the interface. In order to achieve more control and more reliable connectivity, e3200 uses the DB9 interface, which rarely used in speakers, this interface to ensure that the connection is very strong. the low-end wired remote allows the speaker often receives a broadcast, because the lack of cable shielding layer, e3200 have done a shield connection process, to ensure that signal transmission quality from external interference.

In addition to the DB9 connector, the speaker in the lower back is also provided with a power switch and bass adjustment knob, and a conventional input jack, the overall design is relatively simple.

V. Conclusion

Edifier e3200 adhering to the simple and stylish design, the main color black with red lines modified, giving a mysterious beauty, specially designed satellites also in line with current tastes of young people. As a walker e series of heavy head products, modeling creative, sound wonderful sounds, combined with good handling, the pursuit of alternative fashion you, e3200 will be a very good choice.