16 Table portfolio tool repair | watch repair table tool suite Watches

16 Table portfolio tool repair | watch repair table tool suite Watches

Product description:

16 Pieces Watch Repair Kit Set & Wrist Strap Adjust Pin Tool Kit Back Remover Fix

No more expensive watch repairs from the local jewellers. Fix it yourself with this 16 pieces of tool kit for watches. It includes tools for changing the battery and adjusting the wrist strap.


16 Watch Repair Tools

Includes: Link Removal Tool; Watch Case Opener; Soft Work Pad; Double Headed Hammer (nylon / steel), Case Opener Knife, Fine Nosed Tweezer, Plier, Spring Bar Tool & Link Pin Punch and Screwdrivers.

Practical and multi-function

High Quality & Durable

Ideal for any Watch Enthusiasts

Weight: 341g

Package include:

1 x Watch Repair Tool Kit

Package size: 26.5cm x 20cm x 3cm

16 repair table combination tool watches watch repair table tool suite

1. The three-legged open table spoon purposes: to open the bottom cover and tighten the screws bud directly aligned with the front of the tool bottom two feet gap

Turn right direction. You can easily open the watch case back.

2. The open end knife use: press one end of the watch case back to the bottom of the tools used to pry the knife!

3. The split strap Uses: If your watch is new, then removed when the strap is most convenient to use it.

6. yellow clamp uses: disassembly is inevitable to use the pliers watches, such as the demolition of strap in the starting folder to folder, pins, etc.

8. Fold strap plastic seat use: when the demolition watch chain, will watch chain sandwiched plastic seat racks on very easily strap fitted or removed.

9. screwdriver Application: for mechanical internal assembly and disassembly purposes.

10. The rubber hammer Uses: split strap installed after the hairpin, etc. when used for tapping