Renault quality KIT042 bearing repair kit

Renault quality KIT042 bearing repair kit

Product description:

2013, Changzhou Hongxing Bearing Co., Ltd. needle roller bearings production of automotive products through the ISO / TS16949 quality system certification.

Current automotive products formed needle roller bearings production are:

Peugeot cars bearing DBF68933, NE68934, DB70216, NE70214,5131.48,5131.49,5132.72,5131.A6

Renault car bearings: 7700102090,8200039656, KIT040, KIT041, KIT042

Peugeot repair kit: KS559.01, KS559.02, KS559.03, KS559.04, KS559.05, KS559.06

KS559.07, KS559.00, ~ KS559.08

Trucks bearing, bearing tractors, motorcycles bearing part of the model.

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