IKBC G-104 C104 C-104 G104 DIY backlight | rainbow keycaps | mechanical keyboard | Cherry shaft

IKBC G-104 C104 C-104 G104 DIY backlight | rainbow keycaps | mechanical keyboard | Cherry shaft

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Product Name: iKBC F-104 G104
  • Brand: iKBC
  • Model: F-104 G104
  • Package Type: Package A Package III Package II official standard
  • Whether mechanical keyboard: yes
  • Color Classification: Activity Limited Edition (whichever is regularly updated pictures) G104 G104 white white black shaft green axis axis G104 G104 black red white red white milk shaft axis G104 G104 G104 white tea black tea axis axis G104 G104 black black black shaft green axis C104 white black white green axis axis C104 C104 C104 white tea shaft axis C104 red white milk white black black shaft axis C104 C104 C104 black tea black green axis axis axis C104 C104 black red axis black milk
  • Whether to support Plug and Play: Support
  • Connection: Cable
  • Is there a multimedia function keys: There are
  • Interface Type: USB PS / 2
  • Whether to support ergonomics: Support
  • Condition: New

The difference is that the difference between keycaps lighting cost difference between the higher Oh!

note: Infection versions are made with white keycap white black because infection can not do infestation

So photographed black versions are infected We help you replace the original white keycap do so infested mix and match such as infection does not support big red zone keys and other keys to black (default is replaced by a white keycap Oh)

G104 activity package description

Some activities package here to find out more about!

Package 1:Backlit version: Original color backlit keyboard + (Color can Remarks) for the original keyboard keycap keycap PBT (g word through C semipermeable effect is to force oh)

Package 2: Keycap version: The price of the original price Keyboard +100Original keyboard key cap + original infection process can be done as color rainbow ice blue, and so require a backlight can be purchased together DIY are concessions Oh!

Package 3: Infection version + backlit version : 104Original white or black white keycap set Font original keycaps can add backlight colors (backlight colors Remarks) infection keycaps can choose Rainbow Ice Blue, etc. For more information please contact customer service! (Note color must be oh) (g word through C semipermeable effect is to force oh)

Infection keycap version shop are both improved, and the buyer to reflect that scratches, that is no way to avoid infection keycap, we finally improved all the link colors as much as possible can be made perfect keycap version, if the buyer provides custom design, keycap darker will be more prone to scratches Please note that buyers!

Since the days of cat provisions SKU will not be able to change the name from the End So the specific reference picture Oh! (We occasionally launch a customized version)

The following backlight for reference only, led lantern because every manufacturer has to provide color, so depending on the shooting equipment and display equipment will produce different color, please note the Amoy friends; later renamed the backlight does not accept returns if you are pro. is a perfectionist, please carefully shot you or recommend you to purchase their own led lights diy!

You can choose the backlight color: blue, red, orange, green, white, pink, ice blue, purple (light), violet (dark)!!!

The new g-104 to change the backlight mode brush the latest firmware:

The whole gamut backlight effect as follows:

Mode 1: Global lit backlight, the default brightness level 5;

Mode 2: Global backlit breathing, the default speed;

Mode III: Global single lit;

Mode 4: Around streamer, streamer default to the right;

Mode Five: Palaces grid single lit;

Model 6: ripple backlight

Mode Seven: laser mode

Eight modes: S-type streamer

Mode Nine: upper and lower streamer

The new g-104 to change the backlight mode:

G Series official standard: RGB Set wire bond pull dustproof housing

C Series official standard: Wire bond pull and plain color arrow keys keycap there is a total of five directions with the esc key is no moment

Buyers pay attention:

DIY lights and change keycaps infection no quality problems do not support the return! (Perfectionist Please note!!!! Carefully shot!)

There is little color pictures and in-kind, please kind colors prevail (depending on dip keycap keycap couplers, as a stain will be out after the original white keycap invisible small scratches, this is not necessarily free of dye keycaps pure PBT two spaces after a bit pouty heating is normal.)

Customer really making plans

Infection version Green Ice Blue Lovers powder (Sao kind more gas)

G104 FIG Appreciation