POE power supply | POE power supply module power supply 48V 1236 4578 | reverse POE power PSE4805

POE power supply | POE power supply module power supply 48V 1236 4578 | reverse POE power PSE4805

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: corsn
  • Model: PSE4805
  • Network Equipment Type: Other / other
  • Color Classification: 48V / 0.5A 45+ 78- 48V / 0.5A 12+ 36- 24V / 1A 45+ 78-

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Tip: What power supply voltage and pin above the direct election.

Input voltage: 110VAC ~ 220VAC 47HZ ~ 63HZ

Output parameters (voltage, current): 24V 1A, 48V 0.5A optional (other voltages)

Power pin: 45 (+) 78 (-) (12+ 36- otherwise optional)

Data pin: 1236

Port rate: Two RJ-45 ports support 10M / 100Mbps link rate

Quality assurance: one year (except for man-made and lightning, etc.)

Single-port network remote power supply has the following excellent performance:
1. Plug and Play, no configuration management capabilities
2. The power supply has input over voltage, output over voltage, output over-current short circuit protection.
3. System Reliability: MTBF> 100k hours.
4. conducted interference (CE) and radiation interference (RE), comply with EN55022, CLASS B standard.
5. Lightning Features: AC input, can withstand 5KB, 8 / 20uS pulse current of plus or minus 5 times, each time between one minute; power mine safety protection circuit component failure alarm function and insurance management and so on.
Operating Environment:
1. Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
2. Relative humidity: 5% ~ 90% RH
3. ventilation, clean, non-conductive dust, no corrosive gas
4. No explosive properties
5. humid environment with particular attention to the use, in particular outdoor equipment, etc. Note Do not let the rain along the liquid to flow into the power cable