Circular | jewelry boxes | cosmetic case | multilayer jewelry boxes | storage box

Circular | jewelry boxes | cosmetic case | multilayer jewelry boxes | storage box

Product description:

Name: jewelry box jewelry box storage box multi-dressing
Material: PU leather outer layer of high-grade composite

European high-quality imported raw materials, work fine.

Unique style! Western style rich, noble, elegant style.

You incorporate ring. Earrings, bracelets. Necklace the best choice.

Product modeling design for the MM by the Western countries have widely tailored young people like.

Young people is essential fashion items, popular Chao Wang!

♦send daily life girlfriend marriage gifts are a good choice

♦shooting and picture exactly the same kind Oh!!

♦create simple and elegant, incorporating everyday jewelry, you can hang necklaces, bracelets . . . . . storage rings, earrings, jewelry, etc. all daily articles.

♦discarded to prevent chaos chaos favorite jewelry store, causing damage and fading jewelry. Jewelry to your beloved a comfortable home, is always crystal shiny!

♦overall feeling: noble, elegant, generous, romantic, fashion. Jewelry is a noble woman's love, jewelry, jewelry box is the best!

And this necklace is a favorite with the MM!!! Special was noble qualities, MM built for high-end jewelry boxes, set off your elegant, stylish, high-grade, choice of materials stress.

Jewelry box care:

Leather jewelry box leather cleaner can be used in nursing and care agent, to prevent dry, stiff. Proper long-term care can extend the use of time.

You can be inside the velvet brush to dust.

Hardware also often use a soft cotton cloth to prevent oxidation.

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