Razor Wire Fence

Razor Wire Fence

Product description:

Razor Wire Fence Also known as razor wire, razor wire, it is a new safety net. Razor barbed wire with beautiful, economical and practical, discourage good effect, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics of the current, razor barbed wire has been widely used in many countries industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military field, prisons, detention centers, government buildings and security facilities in other countries. razor wire from the galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet stamping a sharp blade-shaped, high-tensile galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as core wire combination of denial equipment. Because of the unique shape is not easy to touch gill nets, which can achieve excellent protective isolation.

Materials: Low carbon steel wire (galvanized, coated, spray) PVC; blue, green, yellow and other colors.

Features: The product has a deterrent effect, appearance, construction convenient, economical and practical, corrosion, aging, sunscreen and other outstanding features. Preservative in the form of electro-galvanized, hot dip galvanized.

Production Process: Spiral cross razor wire is between two razor wire stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel strong clip, was launched after the cross-shaped, beautiful and practical, the product features: anti-corrosion, aging, sunscreen, weather and so on. Corrosion in the form of electroplating, Redu. Flatbed razor wire is a new application mode razor wire, which is a single ring type razor wire pressed into flat plates, or two pieces of lap gillnet after flattening with the wrong use of the cross, looks beautiful and practical, with straight blade with the use of gill nets, constitute a protective wall on the lower straight plate, or only flatbed gill nets constitute a protective wall.

Razor Wire Fence According to the different installation methods can be divided into: straight razor wire, razor wire spiral, flat-blade gill nets.

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the commodity specifications, trade patterns and other factors.

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