Fancy road barrier

Fancy road barrier

Product description:

Height: 400mm-1200mm
Length: 3000mm
Column: 80mm * 80mm 100mm * 100mm
Rail: 55mm * 40mm 55mm * 30mm
Vertical rod: 50mm * 30mm

Installation: A modular installation, placement type and bolt upright have two ways.

Beautiful appearance, environmental protection, high impact strength, weather resistance, salt spray resistance, temperature heat resistance, low maintenance costs, do not fade, no crack, no embrittlement advantage, personalized with color, lines clear, easy to install acting for a variety of security, isolation places according to various complex topography, the best combination of connection, with the separation, warning, barrier and landscaping.
High impact strength: Fence strength of excellent material and product decision This product uses a high-strength special shaped steel production, the integrated strength of at least 2000 kg impact force can fight.
Long life: because of the fence depends on advanced production technology and excellent material products and product key of executions.

application: Way streets, landscaping, bridge landscape, Villa, urban roads, road edges, offices and schools, airports stadium, sports official, factory workshop, cell wall and so on.

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the commodity specifications, trade patterns and other factors.

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