Pedicure tools | rasps | to foot dead skin knife

Pedicure tools | rasps | to foot dead skin knife

Product description:

Pedicure Tool Callus Shaver Rasp File with Replacement 10 Blades

Material: Alloy and plastic
Color: As shown
G / W: 45g

This tool offers multiple solutions for corn and callous removal.
This kit includes interchangeable shaver and rasp attachments, sturdy cushioned grip and 10 pcs of replacement shaver blades.

Please clean after using and store out of children's reach.
Always file nails in one direction. Back and forth filing could weaken the nail and cause it to split.

Package include:
1 x one set of Pedicure Tool
Package size: 23.5cm x 8cm x 1.5cm

SKU: NC-0207
Pedicure tools rasp to foot peeling knife (with 10 replaceable blades)