Car LED Laser Rear Fog Projector Light

Car LED Laser Rear Fog Projector Light

Product description:

Main Function:

On rainy,foggy,sandstrom days,this light works as a warning light effectively to

avoid traffic accident that caused by driving too close.It also can be used as vehicle

position warning and sterring at night.


Laser Wavelength:650NM(Red)

Laser Power:200MW

Laser Safety Class:III B

Working Temp:-20℃~70℃

Working Voltage:12V-24V

Max Adjustbale Angle:Up/Down 90 degree

3M Adhesive Temp:-40℃~120℃

Waterproof Grade:IPX4

Connection:car license plate light,rear fog light,stoplight,warning light.

Installation Place:upside and center of rear license plate

Easy Installation:

Stick the laser fog light to the upside,center of your rear license plate,

connect the wire and turn it on.Adjust the angle,then screw it.