Anti-Cross-type fence

Anti-Cross-type fence

Product description:

Anti-Cross-type road barrier Not only has good mechanical impact resistance, can effectively alleviate the extent of damage caused by the huge impact, the unique design can effectively prevent pedestrian crossing, reduced traffic safety hazards, as well as the city adds a beautiful landscape. Yu Wong guardrail use long life, one-time investment, you can enjoy life. And steel guardrail high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, salt spray, moisture resistance, low maintenance cost, is a maintenance-free, easy to clean economic barrier.

use: Widely used in villas, walled community, courtyards, schools, factories and other buildings, flower beds, lawns, gardens, roads, Riverside, balconies, stairs, etc. The head of the farm.

PVC Anti-Cross-type road barrier fence Advantages:
1, no painting and maintenance, product Changxin not old, eliminating maintenance of your fatigue and trouble, the lowest overall cost.
2, making installation quick and easy, using patented bearing frictional connection or proprietary connection accessories for installation, greatly improving the efficiency of the installation.
3, many different specifications, different styles as you choose, both European and American style and contemporary fashion, noble and modern beauty.
4, safety, environmental protection, human (animal) sound, even if unintentionally touched the fence will not be as hurt as steel, iron fence.
5, with a galvanized fence lining the lumen of steel or aluminum alloy enhanced with sufficient strength and impact resistance, so that both the strength of steel guardrail PVC and PVC appearance.
6, products using special formula and special UV absorbers, do not fade, not yellow, no peeling, no cracking, no blistering, no moth-eaten, the service life of up to 30 years.

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the commodity specifications, trade patterns and other factors.

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