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45m³ cement mixer

45m³ cement mixer
  • 45m³ cement mixer
Product code: 1836200001
Unit price: 115000 CNY  (16720.47 USD)
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Gas dump silt materials transport vehicles are shipped powdered materials such as special vehicles for cement, fly ash, powder, flour and aluminum and other items. The main principle is compressed by the compressor to enter certain pressure inside the tank , through a special structure inside the tank fluidized bed and a perforated plate or the like fluidized powder material. fluidized powder in suspension in compressed air through the discharge pipe, the powder material is delivered to the designated place for cement mixer in terms of time as short as possible and try to hit a low ash rate of residual ash is to improve work efficiency, reduce production and transport costs, an important way to improve economic efficiency Tel : 13573195585 .