Four polishing block nail tools / repairing multifunctional nail polish

Four polishing block nail tools / repairing multifunctional nail polish

Product description:

Real have a variety of colors, random shipments.
For don't like nail polish men and women customers; hand care or finished artificial nail can be used polishing block and the polishing article on natural nails or artificial nail polishing surface; with its crystal clear gloss
According to the different thickness of each side, followed by
The coarse: used to repair the nail edge.
Coarse: follow the same direction plane surface of the nail file.
Fine : often used for smoothing the surface of the nail.
Fine: can be used to grind the nail surface, which produces a shiny.
Features: use this tool grinding nails can be polished, polished. A surface polishing, using a sequence of flowers, black, white, gray. The first coarse and fine
Method of use:
The uneven surface of the nail has obvious treatment effect, can be handled nail surface smooth and detailed. The magic polishing effect in a short time to appear. With most rough flipped several times, removal of surface texture, from the rough to the rough and fine surface polishing, so can make nails look bright and clean health. Can also be used for nail polish.
The basic principle of avoiding nails turn yellow:
Choose a bottle of moderate to light water ( do not greedy, killing is too strong to light water but will completely take you a surface protein protection layer! 2 ~ 3 days ) from a nail polish; let the nail surface to breathe one day a week; polishing time; regular pruning; no nail polish nail brush with a brush; then wipe hard armor oil; is a very important way of armor!

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