Multicolor Eye Shadow

Multicolor Eye Shadow

Product description:

*Total 30 Piece Professional Eye Shadow and Blushers Palette.
*Some of the colors are shimmer, others have little matte.
*24 Eye shadows
*6 blushers and or used to make highlighting effect.
*Classic color, easily create clear and brilliant eye makeup finish.
*Several of the powders will work as a shadow or a blush! This palette is perfect for everyone when applying a natural effect makeup. Upcoming
brides to be will especially benefit from the colors this palette has to offer.
*Ingredients: Talcum Powder, Kaolin, Mica Powder, Magnesium Stearate, Mineral Oil, Titanium White Powder, Colorant, Pearl Lustre Pigment.
*Case Size after fold in half: 9 x 6.5'