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US eyes dual rotary glue pen

US eyes dual rotary glue pen
  • US eyes dual rotary glue pen
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Item specifics

Using the method of double-fold eyelid paste:

1. with a wet cotton cleaning upper eyelid oil

2. Pushing rod in a double-fold eyelid lines, light a few clicks (from the roots of eyelashes 4-6 mm above the eyelid location a double-fold eyelid grain most natural)

3. Eyes down, rotary glue pen to draw, double-fold eyelid grain as the center of 4-6 mm wide oval Zhuang (don't open up my eyes)

4. After minute, wait for the glue to dry out with the push rods of double-fold slowly open your eyes

5. With the pushing rod will form in the upper eyelid lines from the corner of his eye to eye end gently stroke, then much more careful pressure several times, forming a natural double-fold eyelid grain (push rod according to from eye to eye tail sequence)

False eyelashes paste using method:

In the eye shadow; eyeliner; mascara before use

1. along the false eyelashes root paste glue, pay attention to root on both sides coated with glue.

2. until 30 seconds after the false eyelashes is bent into a U shape, with their own eye shape.

3 false eyelashes eyelashes root root affixed to it, and the two ends fixed by pressing, head to tail according to glue can dry.

Remove the false eyelash eyelashes: from the outside corner of the eye within the eye slowly lowered, the use of eye water cleanser can be dismounted.

Note: before you use to do the skin test to determine no allergic reactions to use, when in use the skin if the feeling of discomfort discontinue use and consult professional doctor, , this product in a cool ventilated place, avoid direct sunlight.