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Zhuhai | printer filled with ink / dye ink (ink for refilled)

Zhuhai | printer filled with ink / dye ink (ink for refilled)
  • Zhuhai | printer filled with ink / dye ink (ink for refilled)
Product code: 1832600001
Unit price: 2.5 CNY  (0.37 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand Dongkang model Various models For brand models Various brands
Cartridge capacity 100ML Filling Can be filled Aftermarket Type Shop three packs
Colour Black, red, yellow, blue

Zhuhai East Kang, Chinese ink jet ink industry leader!

(Product specification)

Product Name: Fill ink (ink for refilled)

Color: various color

Type: dye ink

Applicable cartridges: various models of cartridges

The aqueous dye ink features

1, using high-quality imported raw materials, through multiple micro filter and clean filling from one hundred thousand;

2, polymer complex technology, through pigment different spectra complement each other, in order to withstand ultraviolet rays, which greatly improves the imprinting light fastness and preserve life;

3, droplet delicate soft, fine particles of less than 0.2μm, do not plug the print head;

4, print clear, smooth, no halo of impermeable;

5, pure color limited edition, color gamut, superior image reproduction capability, suitable for a variety of print media;


Office documents, family photos and printing


100ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1kg / 5kg / 20kg

Transparent bottles, transparent refilled bottles, white bottles, jars dispersed, square bottle, portable pots, soft belt packaging, barrels;

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In addition, we can meet customers' packaging requirements.