Bilateral Wire Fence

Bilateral Wire Fence

Product description:

Product Features

Bilateral wire fence is a fence in one, because the price is cheap, easy to install by the majority of the customer's choice.

Bilateral wire fence Advantages:

1, the grid structure concise, beautiful and practical.

2, easy to transport, install terrain without restrictions.

3, the price was relatively low for large-scale use.

Bilateral wire Surface treatment:

1, relatively cheap and efficient treatment: cold galvanized galvanized silver-white), spray (green, white, yellow, black, etc.)

2, the more common approach: Dip color grass green, dark green, white, yellow, etc.

3, the best corrosion resistance treatment: hot dip galvanized treatment, lifelong corrosion.

Bilateral Wire Fence major markets:

Closed railway, high-speed indictment closed residential village, garden houses, all kinds of stadiums, factories, mines, schools, orchards, forest, field construction sites, shouted, ditches and other places of ringfencing and isolation.

Specifications can be customized, the actual price depends on the commodity specifications, trade patterns and other factors.

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