House Cihang opening actinic Jupiter Jupiter Tips symbol 2016 pig monkey tiger snake peace

 House Cihang opening actinic Jupiter Jupiter Tips symbol 2016 pig monkey tiger snake peace

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Tai Chi Hong Court
  • Appearance: Other
  • Color Classification: A section: Zodiac Monkey paragraph B of Jupiter: Jupiter paragraph C of the Lunar New Year Tiger: Zodiac pig paragraph D of Jupiter: Jupiter Zodiac snake of paragraph E: Zodiac Rat Ox Rabbit Rabbit sheep Jigou pray for peace
  • Material: Cloth
  • Item: 0078
  • Application of space: living room, bedroom, office, den, car
  • Style: Other
  • Decoration Type: Other / other

【name】Opening actinic Jupiter Tips 2016 monkey, tiger, snake, pig, of Jupiter with

[Opening]Chilbulbong wishful gold refining burn mantra opening

【use】Carry, put the bag in the drawer, press the pillow, put the car

[Effect] in the suit and baby

1. Five Emperors money of Jupiter

Five Emperors money, is a very strong force mascot, five emperors money refers Junji, Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong, Emperor Jiaqing five coins, and subject to purification, incense, continued gas, before they have power. And it is located five emperors Qing times more powerful, set of heaven, earth, and man together, and therefore a prosperous wealth effect.

2, wood hyacinth of Jupiter

Gourd is commonly used in feng shui thing, effective, powerful, strange role.

3, colorful natural crystal stone

In Feng Shui, there are crystal feng shui stone said, because natural crystal world aura unite one hundred billion years, the earth's crust in the precipitation of various natural elements (minerals), and then after countless years the refining form all kinds of crystal, each crystal represent different energy frequency, and produce different magnetic fields and functions, and in Feng Shui, crystal carve transport to help transport.

4, Taomu Jian

Taomu Jian since ancient times been respected Taoist Since guilty of Jupiter are vulnerable to demonic interference, Taomu Jian is therefore an important weapon of Jupiter

5, Tai Sui Fu

Fu is a bridge of communication between man and God credentials, Master With God's character force for good men and women stay out of trouble, worries and difficulties, mind no distractions, concentration perfusion, under a state of mind one, drawn efficacious rune, unfavorable for the year zodiac fortune, disaster solution, of villain, Lucky Hannaford, good luck, peace.

6, disaster breaks

Purdue beings, eliminate the disaster, to avoid car accidents, killings, injuries, and a variety of natural disasters, but also the expulsion of the altar, evil gas temple graveyard. Wearer can be good luck, misfortunes difficult to avoid, mind stability, peace everything.

Some zodiac although not Chong Fan Tai Sui, if pious homage Jupiter, will be able to get more grace, pray to be able to make your family well-being, a year smooth, hard block block disaster, wealth Ying-door, smooth sailing! Xiongshen gift Fu, plus Wang Wang will.

Whether guilty, punishment, red, broken, damage, together, g, g is who are affected by the fleeting Jupiter, but with the character matched by the spirit of joy, are not affected. Jupiter Jupiter Tips operator or wear close at hand, there Tai Sui God bless peace and smooth performance.

Jupiter bless: Some zodiac although not Chong Fan Tai Sui, if pious homage Jupiter, will be able to get more grace, pray to be able to make your family well-being, a year smooth, hard block block disaster, wealth Ying-door, smooth sailing! Xiongshen blessed shall wang-wang plus.

In addition to displaying fleeting Tai Sui Grand Canal, it may also affect personal fortune. If personal zodiac and fleeting Tai Sui has not, however, said that the guilty of Jupiter, will have an impact on the fortune, it is customary to subject it to ward off Jupiter and defuse guilty of Jupiter, but also because of the individual and the zodiac Jupiter are different, can be divided into five kinds:
Chong Tai Sui: an impact, meaning confrontation; belligerent clash, also known as anti-Yin That person belongs zodiac, zodiac clash with fleeting Jupiter, that is 'red Jupiter' punch Jupiter who represents the fleeting fortunes may appear repeatedly back and forth. , or changes in the surrounding environment, the opportunity to move or change jobs, work or do business has become far more hard work. where the matter carefully.
Jupiter value: also known as V Yin, the force that is weaker individual belongs Zodiac and Zodiac fleeting Tai Sui same, that is, 'Jupiter value' value Jupiter who represents the fleeting fortunes may encounter a lot of trouble, it may be possible also sad pregnant. , may generally be mixed blessing, worry among should strive for, go all out.
Jupiter punishment: There are criminal law, criminal injury was intended; inconsistent punishment phase, the force that is lighter individual belongs zodiac, zodiac and fleeting Tai Sui punishment, that is "punishment Jupiter" punishment Jupiter who represents the fleeting fortunes may be certain. affected. susceptible to non-ridden, everything is better to endure, remember not as a guarantor, note details of the contract documents, so as not to get involved in non-official.
Broken Tai Sui: dilapidated, cracked, broken loose and other Italian

Jupiter together: damaged, cracked intended.
Jupiter victims: and there is not, are not intended.

Why should 'pray to'?
Tai Sui God is the God of age. Taoist scripture says, 'Body for Life Bunsen disaster' and 'fleeting temporary invading Eritrea' Tai Sui God person in charge. That is to say, a person's life is good and bad fortune god Jupiter competent a. human health or disease each year, every year luck smoothly or unfavorable, are also handled by the god Jupiter.
Therefore, we pray to Jupiter is to pray to God bless their own physical health and safety of the fleeting good luck generally pray to be held at the Chinese New Year's day, the purpose is to hope that in years when the value of the value in Jupiter, get Tai Sui God's care.
Meanwhile, the natal year of the people, but also to remind ourselves that in the natal care, law-abiding, do good things, pay attention to cold, to avoid conflict with Tai Sui God, to bring their own disease and disaster.

How to pray to?

For Jupiter should observe ritual: first wash their hands, put or hung saint of Jupiter, it has a total of three incense, praying I read the language, such as: I am guilty of Tai Sui this year, praying Jupiter bless me, bless good health, access to peace, success in work, family stability, all wishes come true and the like, and look forward to their own words. conditional Jupiter worship can be placed fruit, such as apple, orange, oranges, bananas, cakes and the like, for the fruit you can eat, can often new ones, also can be used for water or wine. If the conditions are limited, after the ritual complete offerings can be removed. end thank God ritual and this almost to be simplified, thank Jupiter a year blessed in guilty of Jupiter year in case of travel, signing events, etc., to worship Jupiter Bong, begging bless.

Jupiter symbol perennial wear close at hand, there is Tai Sui God bless peace and smooth performance.

【prompt】Jupiter symbol (red triangle) within the Jupiter kit before the winter solstice in 2016, also burnt out when Jupiter, while Fortuna Mitha in the intersection, put the rest of the mascot home town house for security and peace.