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'Ci Hang Pavilion' Tai Chi Sui Tai Sui Tai Sui 2017 Year of the Rabbit Rabbit dog Ma Tai Sui

'Ci Hang Pavilion' Tai Chi Sui Tai Sui Tai Sui 2017 Year of the Rabbit Rabbit dog Ma Tai Sui
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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Taishan Ci Hang Pavilion
  • Appearance: Other
  • Color: Category: A: 2017 Lunar New Year's Eve B: 2017 Zodiac Rabbit Tai Su C: 2017 Zodiac dog of Tai Sui D: 2017 Birthday Ma Huai Tai E: 2017 Lunar New Year's Day F: 2017 Zodiac cattle tiger Sheep monkey pig for peace
  • Material: cloth
  • Item No .: 0078
  • Applicable space: living room, bedroom, office, study, car
  • Style: Other
  • Decoration Type: Other / other

'name'Kaihua Tai Sui Chuan, 2017 Chicken, Rabbit, Rat, Horse, Dog Dayton used

'Open light'Seven Buddha Ruyi Jin Lianji curse open

'use'Carry, put the bag, drawer, pressure pillow, put the car

'Package within the baby and efficacy'

1, five emperor money too old

Five emperors, is a very strong mascot, the five emperor money is Junji, Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong, Jiaqing five emperors of the coins, and need to go through the purification, incense, continued gas, before the power, and the five emperors are located in Qing Dynasty more powerful era, set days, places, people and a gas, so the role of wealth.

2, peach gourd to Tai Sui

Gourd is commonly used in feng shui things, the effect is good, powerful, the role of strange.

3, colorful natural crystal stone

In the feng shui, the crystal and the feng shui stone, because the natural crystal condensate billions of years of heaven and earth aura, in the crust of various natural elements (minerals) precipitation, and then after years of difficult to count the formation of All kinds of crystal, each crystal represents a different energy frequency, and produce different magnetic field and function, and in feng shui, the crystal can be transported to help transport.

4, peach wood sword

Peach wood sword since ancient times was Taoist respected.As the young people were extremely susceptible to evil spirits interference, so peach wood sword is also an important magic weapon

5, Tai Sui character

Is the man and God to communicate with the bridge certificate, the Master with the charm of God for men and women to become good and evil, disaster relief, in the heart without distractions, mind perfusion, mind of the state, For the unfavorable Lunar New Year lucky, disaster relief, the villain, Lucky satisfied Fu, all the best, peace.

6, disaster relief

Purdue beings, to eliminate the disaster, to avoid car accidents, vendetta, accidental injury, and a variety of natural disasters, but also expel the altar, temples, graveyards of the evil gas. Wearer can meet each other, disaster relief, mind Stability, everything safe.

Although some zodiacs do not rush to the age of Tai Chi, if devout worship Tai Sui, will be able to get more grace, thanks to Tai Sui can make your family well-being, one year smooth, block disaster difficult, wealth door, smooth sailing! Blessing, will be on the blessing.

Whether it is guilty, torture, red, broken, together, grams, being grams who are affected by fleeting Tai Sui, but with the character of the gods meet, is not affected. Tai Sui or Tai Sui Kam to wear in the side, There are too old gods to protect peace and smooth performance.

Too old blessing: some zodiac though not furious with Tai Sui, if the devout visit Tai Sui, will be able to get more grace, thanks to Tai Sui can make your family well-being, year smooth, block disaster difficult, wealth door, Smooth sailing!

In addition to showing the fleeting, but also may affect the personal fortune.If the personal zodiac and fleeting Tai Sui disagree, then that the perpetrators of Tai Sui, will have an impact on the fortune of the year, so the custom to live in the Tai Sui to disaster To resolve, and committed Tai Sui, but also because of personal and Tai Sui Lunar New Year, can be divided into five kinds:
In the past year, the rumors are too old, that the fleeting fortune may appear to be repeated rush, that is, , The surrounding environment or change, have the opportunity to relocate or turn to work, do business or work harder. Everything should be careful.
The value of too old: also known as Fu Yin, weak force, that is, personal zodiac and fleeting New Year's birthday is the same, that is, 'value is too old.' The value of Tai Sui, said the fleeting fortune may encounter a lot of trouble, may also be sad , Generally may be mixed, troubles, should strive for, go all out.
In the case of torture, the meaning of the sentence, the punishment of the punishment, the power is lighter, that is, the personal zodiac, and the fleeting New Year's Birthday sentence, that is, "Tai Sui." Criminals are too old, said the fleeting fortune may be certain Affect the situation is easy to be non-ridden, everything to tolerance for the better, remember not to be a guarantor, pay attention to the details of the file contract, so as not to get the wrong.
Broken old age: dilapidated, broken, broken and so on

In too old: there is damage, broken meaning.
Hurt too old: there is disagreement, disagreement.

Why should 'worship too old'?
Tai Chi God is the god of the age. Taoist classics said that the Tai Sui God in charge of the 'life of the disaster' and 'fleeting fugue.' That is to say, the life and death of man and a good fortune is too The health or illness of every person, the luck or badness of every year, and the treatment of the old gods.
Therefore, we worship Tai Sui is to pray for Tai Sui God to protect their own physical health and fleeting beauty of the general worship Tai Sui are arranged in the Lunar New Year's Day, the purpose is to hope that in the years of age in the years of age, access to Too old god care.
At the same time, for the lives of the people, but also to remind ourselves, in the first year of my life carefully, law-abiding, more good things, pay attention to cold and warm, to avoid violating Tai Chi God, to bring their own diseases and scourge.

How to worship too old?

For Tai Sui should abide by the rituals: the first hand, placed or hanging on the Tai Sui holy goods, incense and other three successive, the mouth read prayer language, such as: I made this year, Tai Sui, blessing longevity blessed me, bless the health, Peace, work smoothly, family stability, thought and kind of things and their own expectations. Conditional offer Tai Sui can put fruit, such as apples, orange, mandarin, bananas, pastries and the like, for fruit can eat, can often Change the new, but also for the water or wine.If the conditions are limited, after the completion of the instrument can be withdrawn after the end of the test instrument with this almost, can also be simplified, in the case of Tai Sui years in case of travel, Signing and so great things, first worship Tai Sui, seeking blessing.

Tai Sui perennial wear in the side, there are too old gods to protect peace and smooth performance.

'prompt'Tai Sui Kam within the Tai Sui character (red triangle) in 2017 before the winter solstice, but also burned when the old age, while the God of Wealth Misa at the junction, the rest of the mascot put home town house security.