Natural Hand False Eyelashes | 4 pairs / box

Natural Hand False Eyelashes | 4 pairs / box

Product description:

Item specifics

Color: Black
Brand: DAHOO
Model: 411

Item specifics

Pure handmade false eyelashes, not easy to shed, changeable styles; natural, softness, comfort wearing no stimulation.

Item Type: Pure handmade false eyelash

false eyelash material: Artificial fiber

Brand Name: dahoo

false eyelash Type: 4 pair/ pack

Model Number: DH411

Method of use:
1; along the false eyelash root root is coated with glue; pay attention to both sides coated with glue;

2; for 30 seconds; the false eyelashes bent into a U shape; form their own eye shape;

3, The false eyelash eyelashes root root affixed to it, and the two ends fixed good press, from head to tail light according to the glue dry.

Remove the false eyelash eyelashes:

from the outside corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye slowly lowered, the use of eye water cleanser can be dismounted.

Storage: Please place it in a cool place, avoid high temperature direct.