VHB double-sided tape | 3M4945 tape | adhesive metal | plastic | tile 1.14MM thick | width of any cut

VHB double-sided tape | 3M4945 tape | adhesive metal | plastic | tile 1.14MM thick | width of any cut

Product description:

Suggested retail price¥0.65 Brand3M Base sponge
thickness 1.14 (mm) model4945 Long-term temperature resistance93 (℃)
Scope Electronic appliances plastic hardware ceramics Custom processing It is Short-term temperature resistance149 (℃)
Adhesive acrylic acid Colour white

Brand Model: 3M VHB double-sided adhesive series 4945 white

Dimensions Thickness: 1.14MM thick sheet loading or volume has

Stick metal / Iron / steel / aluminum / metal frames: Excellent

Sticky plastic / Hard PVC / PS: Excellent

Sticky soft PVC / PE / PET: Excellent

Stick ceramic / Tile / Marble / wall /: Excellent

Stick wood / Foam / wood frame: General

Great gray cement wall / white wall / brick wall: absolutely not

Temperature: 149 degrees

Waterproof: Very good

Note: This acrylic gums, bad tack, glue 24 hours to have the effect, if coupled with 94 glue, the better, stick a good 24 hours later, the same like in place of welding.

3M double-sided adhesive instead of welding 4945

3M double-sided adhesive is of a high-strength double-sided adhesive foam substrate, are VHB Adhesive (pressure sensitive adhesive department) thickness 1.14MM, color is white long-term temperature: 93 ℃, short-term temperature: 149 ℃

With superior viscosity, UV, solvent resistance is good, but also has a soft, paste service, good properties, high tensile strength, shear strength, can be used to replace screws, rivets, spot welding and other traditional fixed method , using double-sided adhesive tape to make the product surface is more smooth, beautiful, operation more simple, sealing better, the effect is more durable, very easy disassembly. In air conditioners, office furniture, communications equipment in the ribs, vehicle assembly, construction signs and other occasions.

Applications: To achieve the best bonding results, the bonding surface must be clean, dry and tape applied optimum temperature range is 21-38 ℃, recommended that if the initial bonding temperature is below 10 ℃, suitable for sticky then, so when the adhesive is too hard, but can not firmly bonded to the body; however, if you have an adhesive on the holding tack at low temperatures is also satisfactory.