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Prerequisites confinement Taiwan postpartum corset belt | one into

Prerequisites confinement Taiwan postpartum corset belt | one into
  • Prerequisites confinement Taiwan postpartum corset belt | one into
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Other info: 16KG
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New Pregnant Postpartum Corset Waist belt Abdomen Belt Slim Sexy Gauze Soft


Ergonomic design; the best way to restore the perfect health of body; has caused rapid recovery of exquisite shape;

Medical grade cotton gauze material; permeability; do not feel oppressed; not uncomfortable;

Help the uterus after childbirth and offal prop; rehabilitation; prevention of lower abdomen prominent;

Condition: Brand new

Size: 1000cm X15 cm X 0.2cm

Weight: 0.21 Kg

Material: Double-layer cotton gauze

Colour: as pictures

SKU: 901959-A15-28-06

Notice:. Color of pictures may vary by different monitor setting All pictures are real stock photos.

Package Included:

1 x Pregnant Postpartum Corset

Condition: New

Size: one thousand cm X15 cm X0.2 cm

Weight: 0.21 kg

Material: double gauze

Color: As pictures

SKU: 901959-A15-28-06

This set of goods comprising: a corset belt, confinement nursing a reference CD

Gauze cummerbund high quality pure gauze finely crafted, with excellent permeability and water (sweat), the use of comfort, safety, production sandbags after belly, waist fat, big ass, uterine prolapse, which are an excellent improvement effect. This product can also be used outside the abdomen leggings unit, can play a slimming effect. As long as the confinement period stick with this product, you can reshape a slim figure. New mothers postpartum months applies.

Two weeks postpartum uterine contractions fastest time, this time because of pregnancy when the fetus can make the uterus is very large, but the production of a uterus in a vacuum state, organs because no longer oppressed and become very loose, that is, if the postpartum often sit or walk, because the relationship between gravity will cause the uterus and internal organs loose bad contraction, causing visceral ptosis, and "visceral ptosis" may be the root of all diseases of women, so postpartum two weeks, in addition to eating and the toilet, the rest of the time, whether it is day or night, should be bed rest.

Ground tie cummerbund to prevent the "visceral ptosis" and "contraction of the abdomen."

Use the opportunity to adjust the size of production; or to improve some of the physical symptoms; is a very important moment; so many people during this period tied with gauze abdomen; to achieve the purpose of adjusting the size!

Must pay special attention to prevent postpartum period "visceral ptosis" may be due to visceral ptosis all "women's disease" and the root of "premature aging" and would therefore produce lower abdomen, so the confinement period shall ground tie cummerbund to contraction of the abdomen and prevent visceral ptosis, and if the original is the visceral ptosis body who can also take advantage of the abdomen during confinement bring about improvements tied to ground.

Cummerbund used for a very long cotton cloth (supporting force better), about 1200 cm, width 16 cm, each person must be prepared to replace the two. Due to postpartum must heat up, easy to sweat, if Khan wet when the cummerbund apart, and the abdomen dry, then sprinkle some without re-tied the lip after cool if sweat more serious, shall replace the clean athletic, tied Act refer to " cummerbund tied law. "If you use a stick of corset or general Spirituality, not only did not prevent the effect of visceral ptosis, but may make the blood is not smooth internal organs of oppression, so that internal organs produce flatulence caused by deformation or dyspnea or Hu lower abdomen prominent size, please pay special attention!

Postpartum, walking sloshing uterus and internal organs are really able to appreciate the risk of uterine prolapse in! Gauze tie cummerbund after will be very mention fresh, uterus and internal organs have been supporting and fixed, very comfortable very safe.

Open milk and breast-feeding when the mother's back and belly inevitably exposed, and frequently 12 hours, cold and sour ah! After gauze tie cummerbund, I felt that some of the body warm, there is support, and hold your baby Oh also easier.

The most important: gauze tie cummerbund every weight, are the equivalent of re 'customized' abdomen with a pelvic belt every time before + is a follow-up effect oh and elastic corset belt is the opposite -!! just postpartum belly maximum, it is the latest and most tight, with a very Le; and other stomach began to recover, but because the old corset belt more loose, not a role.

And in medicine; elastic corset or girdle; not only did not prevent the effect of visceral ptosis; but may oppress internal organs so blood does not smooth; visceral distortion or produce flatulence caused Hu dyspnea or lower abdomen prominent size; please be especially wary!


Please note: The advantage of gauze cummerbund is soft, breathable, elastic medium drawback is that occasionally pumping like, when making a jumper (short; very short; does not affect use), the crop can not accept more than a lossy 'flaws. 'MM Shen shot! Please understand minor flaws

Washing or drying demolished athletic look, first, to sweat, and second, restore elastic gauze. Dried after a good backup volumes can be used repeatedly for several months.

Start time tied: birth the same day or next day tie, cross-sectional capacity 6 days, depending on the wound recovery began tied along a cross-sectional differences in only the start time is the same as used cummerbund.

Why choose skim gauze?

Gauze oil in the production process will completely get rid of cotton, absorbent gauze improve so many times. Plus gauze breathable characteristics. Therefore, the use of more than a dozen personal cummerbund lap time reduces discomfort.

How to distinguish whether it is gauze?

The easiest way, the gauze into the water. Gauze absorb moisture quickly. Usually gauze to protect it because there is fat absorption is very slow.

Why use double gauze?

Due to the limited ability to support gauze, so choose double weave gauze to improve its ability to support. And to achieve lasting results hold up internal organs!

Beautiful mother Standard Edition: 10 m long, 16 cm wide, was catcher, double, postpartum waist circumference 2 feet inside the MM 3.

Every day before breakfast tied two volumes, were tied to the pelvis (even lower abdomen) and waist (with stomach), before breakfast the next day removed, re-tying two-volume clean. The best 24 hours of continuous tie, in order to ensure the best thin thin hip effect.

A roll of gauze, then tie the loose in the waist easily, one day need to be tied 34 times, a lot of trouble. And fleshy package insufficiency, pelvis Shoulong limited effect.

Volume 4 is the base amount used correctly