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25PCS whitening teeth checked

25PCS whitening teeth checked
  • 25PCS whitening teeth checked
Product code: 18281500001
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Other info: 2KG
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Whiten Teeth Tooth Dental Peeling Stick + 25 Pcs Eraser


100% Brand New & High Quality

Made of Polyester

Easy to use, just wipe the surface of your teeth by using the eraser

Whiten your teeth rapidly by removing the surface stains and embedded stains

Great for removing stains caused by coffee; tea; smoking; red wine; fruit juice; cola and aging

Teeth whitening stick size: 7cm*1cm*1.5cm (approx)

Eraser dimension: 2.7cm (L) *0.5mm (Dia) (approx)

Net weight: 24g

Package includes:

1 X Teeth whitening stick

25 X Eraser

(Trade descriptions)

Japan COGIT Corporation products.

"COGIT teeth-dental esthetic beauty eraser (25 in)

* Compress the 27000 extremely thin fibers into 4.5mm size.
* The average gap between the extremely fine fiber only 35 μ m, capillary phenomena, adsorption of dirt on the surface of the teeth.
* Day use, with enviable esthetic.

As long as it needs to gently wipe clean the tooth surfaces, clean teeth step by step.

1, this product is limited to use in terms of cleaning tartar.
2, children cannot be made to avoid eating.
3, when children need to use, need for parents accompanied.
4, excessive use can damage the gums, so use with care.
5, for health habits, please always replace with new uses.
6, feeling unwell after use, stop using it, and go to medical examination.