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Magical painless hair removal discs

Magical painless hair removal discs
  • Magical painless hair removal discs
Product code: 18281100001
Unit price: 3 CNY  (0.44 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 1KG
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Condition: Brand new

Size: 7cm X 7cm X 1.5cm

Weight: 0.017Kg

Material: ABS

Colour: as picture


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Condition: New

Size: 7 cm X 7 厘米 X 1.5 厘米

Weight: 0.017 kg

Material: ABS

Color: color random


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product description:

• Rotary ~ Scrub hands Shaved disk easily with all hands say Bye Bye!

"• Japan Ha burn New! Magical painless hair removal plate - except horny ~ complete ~ delicate skin!" Crush Japan's most beloved merchandise, easy to carry, unique hair removal material, delicate soft skin, say goodbye to all hands.
(Beautiful arts community) strongly recommended, painless depilation secret weapon → ~~ Japan magical painless hair removal disk!
* Easy hair removal, exfoliation, smooth and soft skin.
* Does not contain chemical substances, nor scraper physically removed Soke, skin, does not irritate the skin gently.
* Body skin to a small finger, can take care of that!

If you will because of excessive body hair to haunt you; love the water and need hair removal must crush tried a variety of methods; pull will be pain; swelling; because the hair follicle directly scrape will thicken; grow new hair rough crude uncomfortable!

Japan magical painless hair removal discs excessive body hair and love for the water of the crush; specially designed double-sided function; side to hair removal; the other side can help the skin to remove dead skin cells; use clean way to draw a circle about 6-8 times; to remove clutter is not the whole of Soke;! fuzz and hypertrophy horny old body and joints can take moisture; skin is transparent sense of light!

Method of operation:
1, in the before and after bathing, yet wet skin before use.
2, in order to draw a circle way gently rubs can be. (Do not linear friction so as not to damage the skin)
3; then after use; recommends rub lotion (not included) to protect the skin.

* Do not use on facial skin.
1, please put children unable to obtain, to avoid false when the toy play, dangerous.
2, Do not place near the fire at the source, to avoid danger.
3, when used, do not be too hard to avoid skin friction injured.
4, wounds, eczema, abnormal redness, etc. Do not use.
5, use, or use of after swelling, irritation please stop using abnormal, such as continued use may worsen the symptoms, you need to dermatology hospital for treatment.