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Shenzhen 3M5962VHB tape price / 3m5962 double-sided plastic molding

Shenzhen 3M5962VHB tape price / 3m5962 double-sided plastic molding
  • Shenzhen 3M5962VHB tape price / 3m5962 double-sided plastic molding
Product code: 1827800001
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Brand3M Base acrylic acid thickness 1.6 (mm)
model5962 Long-term temperature resistance93 (℃) Scope Electronic appliances plastic hardware nameplate
Custom processing It is Short-term temperature resistance149 (℃) Colour black

3M5962VHB tape / 3M 5962 VHB double-sided acrylic foam tape

Dark gray, closed-cell acrylic foam.

Attached is good, soft.

Tape thickness: 1.55mm.

Long-term temperature: 93 ℃;

Short-term temperature: 149 ℃.

All-acrylic structure 3MVHB super sticky double-sided tape can replace rivets, screws and other mechanical fasteners, not only isolated from moisture and most solvents seal, but also long-term UV and thermal cycling, unique foam can be used as pole Good cushioning material. Unlike the fixed point of mechanical force, VHB tape can be evenly distributed force, user to use more lightweight materials without material deformation, metal fatigue and other problems. 3M VHB tape high paste service also has more more features: high obedient, excellent sealing effect, a unique gum is also applicable to the use of different surface and low construction is widely used in traditional bond between metal parts assembly and industrial parts, it is to use. engaging in industrial parts and metal parts assembly of high-viscosity, high-performance double-sided tape.

5915/5925/5930/5952/5962 / 5958FR

3M 5962 series can be widely applied to various materials, obedient excellent for low surface energy materials suitable Material:
  • metal

  • glass

  • High surface energy plastic PVC

  • The porous material of wood painted after

product number thickness Colour Short-term temperature Long-term temperature
5915 0.4mm gray149℃121℃
5925 0.6mm gray149℃121℃
5930 0.8mm gray149℃121℃
5952 1.1mm gray149℃121℃
5962 1.55mm gray149℃121℃
5958FR 1.0mm gray149℃93℃

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