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Three o'clock spray color tool

Three o'clock spray color tool
  • Three o'clock spray color tool
Product code: 18276900001
Unit price: 288 CNY  (41.88 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info: 14KG
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Dental speed highspiece shape design unique, smooth operation, low noise, long using life, etc. . Can be 135 ℃ high temperature sterilization.

Bearing used: Torlon PAI Cage; ceramic bowls; bearings with high speed (up to 35-420000 rev / min) , bearing assembly to join the price 350 dollars/ kg of high-speed high temperature lubricant fat, low-friction torque, the use of the advantages of long life.

3-way spray handpiece


Working pressure: 2-2.2 kg/ cm2

Speed: 35-42 million transfer/ min

Under normal circumstances bearing life: 4-9 months

Turbine torque than the standard cell phones to reach 30 percent large 107 grams

The use of time: It is recommended to use the pressure of 2 kg/ cm; each running two hours; please add a high-speed lubricants

Recommend the use of dental speed highpiece conservation machine maintenance.