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Dolphins meter multi-purpose beauty salons

Dolphins meter multi-purpose beauty salons
  • Dolphins meter multi-purpose beauty salons
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Other info: 18KG
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New Dolphin Electronic Skin Facial Eye Cleaner Facial Cleanser

Electrical eye & facial cleaner
Generates ions to help smooth the fishtail lines; absorb water; introduce the nutrient absorbing and improve the elasticity of your skin
Also speeds up cell regeneration and improves blood flow
Other function: fade the black eye rim and suspend generating wrinkle; wrinkle erasing; cleaning (sterilize and anti-bacterial) and massage
Single button operation
Switch the button upwards for eye region treatment and downward for face treatment
Two metal conductive pads at the flank (press them while using)
LED shows working status
Handheld dolphin design, easy to handle
Powered by 2 X AAA batteries (Not included)
Size: 150 x 34 x 32
Color: white & metallic color

Package Included:
1 x Eye & Facial Cleaner
1 x Chinese Instruction

[Chanpinjieshao]: dolphins multi-purpose beauty instrument product Special Note: Our versatile Nenfu It is set in one of the IC chips and integrated circuits, to produce suitable for human eyes and face suitable pulse current - that is, can produce negative ions special beauty equipment functions.


1. Open the battery cover, confirm fitted with two on the 4th battery, and negative to pick right, close the battery cover after confirmation.

2, the switch: the back button a, press • Push up - is as eye care, the use of the same as a small antenna stick eye contact skin contact B, pushing down press • Yes - as facials and use. face contact with the contact picture facial skin.

3. Press • or press •, LED red light, said work began.

4, the intermediate position reply button, LED light is off, off.

5, in operation, must hold the instrument with your fingers on both sides of the metal contacts, from the inside out, from bottom to top, back and forth massage action.


First, the eye care when:
A, the eye contact with the skin by touch a small metal rod, the role of the eye in order to lower eyelids from the inside to the outside, carried lattice massage, slow-moving, it stays about one centimeter every 10-15 seconds. Every wrinkle 4, strengthening effect.

B, using 2 times a day, each time interval to reach at least 6 hours.

C, must keep the eye clean, with cream or eye cream better massage.

Second, facials matters:
A, when poor lubrication of the probe surface, do not force rub gently pressing on the skin surface to move slowly.

B, friction force, will cause skin disorders and other reasons.

C, iontophoresis function for the cycle by one day use; use per person per day effective but different skin condition, you need to choose to use their own cycle.

D, the use of which will feel weak current stimulation or acupuncture sensation, which is normal. I would like him rub a little serum or mask type mask.

E, a special eye or face ion probe is unlikely to cause skin allergies.

Use 2 AAA batteries (not included)
Size: 150 * 34 * 32
Color: white and metallic colors

Package Includes:
1 small multi-purpose beauty instrument Dolphins
A Chinese manual