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Jenny poems black matte brow nippers/eyebrow clip/tweezers (M331)

Jenny poems black matte brow nippers/eyebrow clip/tweezers (M331)
  • Jenny poems black matte brow nippers/eyebrow clip/tweezers (M331)
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Other info: 1KG
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Eyebrow Shaping Tips:

1 A round face. The repair was curved eyebrows, sparse and some brow up, the highest point of the biased lateral, not eyebrows.

(2) rectangular face. The eyebrows can repair straight and slightly longer.

(3) a square face. Removal of the brow above the eyebrows, and the slope of brow, part of the curved eyebrows, eyebrow peak out.

4 oval-shaped face. Brow slightly up, the eyebrows, the highest point at the central of the eyebrows. Moderate brow length, and brows in the same horizontal line, two shallow and deep middle.

5 triangular faces. Eyebrows repairable long brow Department can also be deep, but the brow is not bent downwards, can be Mei Feng highest point toward the outside, and is located in the brow above the horizon.

The diamond-shaped face (commonly known as the olive head) : eyebrows repair should not be too long, Mei Feng curvature should be soft, brow slightly tall, breaking down the lines of the diamond-shaped face, half of the temple.
Condition: Brand new

Size: 9.5cm X 1cm X 1cm

Weight: 0.022 Kg

Material: Stainless steel

Colour: Black

SKU: HQS-Y36935

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Condition: brand new

Size: 9.5 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm

Weight: 0.022 kg

Material: stainless steel

Color: black

SKU: HQS-Y36935

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Comfortable, long, Yang, down, eyebrows can express, but also makes you look handsome, occupies an important position on the face.

Eyebrow shaping tips:

1. a round face. Eyebrows curved, thin, eyebrows up, the highest point in favour of lateral, not eyebrows.

2. rectangular face. Eyebrows can be cut straight and slightly longer.

3. the square-shaped face. Removal of brow above the eyebrows, brow slope increased, between some bending, brow outwards.

4. an oval face. Rose brow slightly, eyebrows high point in the Middle brow. Moderate length of brow and frown on the same horizontal line, two shallow, deep in the middle.

5. triangle face. Eyebrows can be longer, eyebrows can also be deeper, but brow cannot bend downward, Northern peaks the highest point can be moved laterally, and the brow above the horizontal line.

6. diamond-shaped faces (commonly known as olives): eyebrows should not make it too long, brow bending soft brow slightly tall, break a diamond half temple down the lines on the face.