Nose hair, ear hair trimmer

Nose hair, ear hair trimmer

Product description:

New Nose Ear Face Hair Trimmer Shaver Clipper Cleaner

Brand new & high quality ear trimmer
Personal trimmer for grooming ear; nose; and brow
Faster, easier and safer than using scissors
Will keep your nose and ears free from unsightly hair
Easy to clean; simple to operate; portable for home or travel use
Lightweight compact size, convenient to take around
Includes a protective cap
Cordless 1 AA Battery powered (Battery NOT included))
Dimension (D x H): 30 x 130 mm / 1.18 x 5.12 in
Color: Mainly Silver and Black as pictures show

Package Included:
1 x Ear Nose Trimmer


1. The three-dimensional arch head, no damage to the nasal cavity

2. Open slit, can capture any direction long nose hair

3. You can trim ear hair

4. dander storage, clean

5. The dry formula

6. Color: bonnet / open key / back cover is black; with a lid; a small brush


Open the back cover, put into batteries, open the key can be used, then scored after counterclockwise rotating cutter head to be cleaned.

节 1 AA battery powered (batteries not included))

Dimensions (D x H): 30 x 130 毫米 / 1.18 x5.12

Color: mainly silver and black display as a picture

Package Included:

An ear, nose trimmer