Mill electric razor, electric sharpener grinding razor device

Mill electric razor, electric sharpener grinding razor device

Product description:

Save a Blade save money every time you shave!
  • Sharpens blades for a close, smooth shave every time.
  • Works with all makes - from single blade disposables to multi-blade cartridges!
  • Up to 200 shaves from a single blade.
  • Fast and easy.
  • Battery operated.
  • Includes battery AA size.
  • Easy to use!
  • Automatic one- technology works in seconds.
  • Universal fit on all razor types and makes.
  • Saves time and money.
  • Ensures close comfortable shaves every time.

    How it Works:

    • Save A Blade incorporates a precision silicone carbide sharpening member that sharpens multi-blade cartridges and disposable razors in seconds.
    • The secret is our patented micro-honing technology that sweeps across the blade at up to 3000 revolutions per minute to sharpen and renew your blade in one simple step!

    Lab Tested:

    • Independent laboratory testing proved that after 200 shaves, a razor sharpened with Save a Blade was virtually identical to a blade.
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