Postage machine ink | fluorescent ink

Postage machine ink | fluorescent ink

Product description:

Brand Pu Feite model Fluorescent postage machine ink For brand models EP
Cartridge capacity Various capacities Filling Can be filled Aftermarket Type Shop three packs
Colour Red Blue

Ordinary red ink, blue ink, and red fluorescent ink is compatible with the United States, Pitney Bowes, the new French Post, the German Union and other machine

We may be the only home fluorescence postage machine ink suppliers. And the price is very cheap ah!

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The company has advanced production equipment, independent laboratory and advanced sophisticated equipment, also has a professional and technical personnel and well-trained production team. Products, raw materials are imported using high purity raw materials in Europe and America, and after a long period of study test for a variety of printers developed a stable formulation to meet market demand. Our product quality strict requirements and constantly develop new products, establish a complete production management system and strict quality inspection.

The company produces ink products not only supporting compatible cartridges to large number of domestic manufacturers and remanufactured cartridges manufacturers, but also exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia and other countries. The company's products with good print smooth, super strong compatibility, and good color reproduction won widespread praise at home and abroad.

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