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Zhuhai | Quality sublimation ink

Zhuhai | Quality sublimation ink
  • Zhuhai | Quality sublimation ink
Product code: 1824600001
Unit price: 90 CNY  (13.08 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand Pu Feite model Each model For brand models The piezoelectric printer
Cartridge capacity Various capacities Filling Can be filled Aftermarket Type Shop three packs
Colour Black, red, yellow, blue

Thermal transfer ink stable quality, suitable for all piezoelectric photo machine and a desktop printer. Colorful, coloring rate, fluency good, the price kind.

The product passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and environmental verification, with complete chromatography, good color, color intensity; color fastness, washing reaches more than 4.5, the ink fluency; toxic side effects, non-polluting, green features.

Specifications: 1000ML / bottle, 20L / barrel, 25L / barrel four-color and six-color / 7 colors, K, C, M, Y, LC, LM, LK..

First, the product features:

1, the use of advanced materials, high-end equipment and grinding refined, filtered through layers of nanometer level has been reached.

2, the product of environmental protection no smell, high-speed printing smooth and good, strong color reproduction. Ink do not plug, not inclined spray, hair color and thus the amount of more economical rate, drying speed, direct material cost savings.

3, the ink color gamut, with up to 10 user-specific ink solve color reproduction problems, and applies to Epson, Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland and other series models, for industrial mass production.

4, when the thermal transfer color does not smudge, durable heat transfer products, images will not fade.

Second, the product description:

1, dye-sublimation transfer printing technology is based on the number of pigment is heated to a certain temperature will be sublimated graphic features to achieve the transfer. In the sublimation process, textile solder-dimensional or synthetic material after exposure to the pigment may be permanently stained. In operation, First sublimation ink printed onto transfer paper, after pressing the pattern will be transferred to the substrate. No additional step in the transfer paper can be very accurately replicate the original image.

2, sublimation inks are mostly used by the textile disperse dyes prepared. Disperse due to its saturated color and good weather resistance, so in the textile dyeing and printing has a wide range of applications, so far still printing and dyeing industry, one of the main raw material The traditional textile printing and dyeing industry use dispersed pigment dyeing process has serious environmental pollution problems, and is not suitable for small batch production.

Third, East Kang thermal transfer ink and thermal transfer ink in comparison to other domestic:

Dong Kang thermal transfer ink stable quality, print speed is much faster than other general thermal transfer ink color, coloring rate, never plug, at the same time, prices greatly reduced thermal transfer ink to maintain Italy's quality characteristics.

Fourth, Storage:

Saving mode, avoid direct sunlight, indoor storage.

V. Applicable models:

EPSON piezo printheads suitable machine: such as Roland, Wu Tang, MIMAKI, Epson.