Zhuhai | Supply Novajet 1000i / 1200i photo machine ink / inkjet ink advertising

Zhuhai | Supply Novajet 1000i / 1200i photo machine ink / inkjet ink advertising

Product description:

Brand Dongkang model Novajet 1000i photo machine ink For brand models Domestic hot foam photo machine
Cartridge capacity 1000ML 25L 20L Filling Can be filled Aftermarket Type Shop three packs
Colour Black, red, yellow, blue

Domestic hot foam photo machine ink Novajet

Color: C / M / Y / BK / LC / LM

Domestic Novar ink color, good stability, does not damage the nozzle (for 750/760 / 1000i / 1200i)

Medium: suitable for all kinds of high-gloss photo paper, matte paper, self-adhesive paper and boxes tablets.
Ingredients: solvent colorants, surfactants PH adjusting agents, driers and other additives.
Packing: all kinds of anti-corrosion green plastic bottle 1000mL (packaging), suitable for long-distance transport of Sankeng cardboard cartons (packaging).
1. After three nano-fine filter, fine to 0.1 microns or less, no chemical precipitation, comprising an effective anti-clogging additives, without clogging the nozzle and the ink off phenomenon.
2. drying performance and edge effect, in a variety of media remain bright colors, highly detailed results.
3. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, chemical materials reduces environmental pollution.
4. Good compatibility.
5. has good lightfastness (anti-UV), so that your glory still works long-term.
6. Print color pure, strong reduction picture, lifelike images, to excellent tonal gradations, giving a natural beauty.
7. ink sealing, in the storage and transportation process will not be dust erosion.
8. The high-grade quality, systematic and comprehensive means of detection, ink quality guarantee perfect unity.