Women's self-defense self-defense supplies | anti-wolf weapons non-alloy steel anti-wolf jeou cool stick stick anti-wolf

Women's self-defense self-defense supplies | anti-wolf weapons non-alloy steel anti-wolf jeou cool stick stick anti-wolf

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Ma Ying-jeou
  • Item: Alloy Cool stick
  • made in China
  • Price tag: 168
  • Color Classification: Silver cylindrical silver pen
  • Time to market: 2012

Ma Ying-jeou alloy cool stick length: 14CM Classic pencil convex cylindrical two styles

Never wear tails all the laser trademark logo and alloy steel

Pen-shaped weight is 120 grams convex cylindrical weight is 167 grams

After heat treatment the hardness of more than 50 self-defense weapon escape car break glass

This paragraph shipping today, with the purchase of other baby can enjoy free shipping (Xinjiang, Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan Overseas not range).

Ma Ying-jeou shot hit the glass cool stick video welcome attention. Everyone has a cool looking stick. [EMU] common sense to escape the bus motor car falling bridge, the bus fire, many people do not drive smashing windows, sad! Transport life-saving tool to spread knowledge:! when escape, sharp tap with a hammer to any one corner near the window frame position four corners; hit the middle is of no use [also key is useless or high-heeled shoes, cool stick stick key transfer speed is really useful] ! [This performance is very cool club to force]NOTE: This article has been unable to pass through security.

Simple and we explore some issues of concern to everyone cool stick: Ma Xu [original]

1 Shape Applicability: pencil relatively aggressive, cylindrical, relatively low-key.

About 2 Material: aerospace aluminum titanium steel protective enough to see their budgets to see their choice of stainless steel titanium high hardness meet what hit brick, but the items are lossy, like violence testing to find the best hammer, cool steel rod of iron absorption can breathe.

About 3 Plating: aviation aluminum surface oxidation process, and some metal shell mobile phone market is the same coating, I brought my own black latchkey more than six months, a little scratch, does not affect the appearance of stainless steel and silicone handles two middle. all stainless steel, an intermediate body is 5 mm stainless steel rod, the handle is silicone, high temperature 200 degrees, non-toxic and non-corrosive non-slip, portable - and generous - beautiful titanium is not to say we own Baidu understand this material.

4 About Weight: Aviation aluminum material pen 45 grams from top to bottom, 14 cm length to diameter 1.4 cm, solid stainless steel silica gel pen 12.3 cm 45 grams, cylindrical 14 cm 60 g titanium about 80 grams, solid production this weight is very the portable.

5 On carrying: Always ready for use, such as at night or in unfamiliar places to take a direct hand, jeans pocket, purse pockets and other places can be a plug.

Pro Note: In strict airplane security, not to bring cool stick boarding.