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Product data line | Andrews charging line phone universal charger fast charge USB Po Wo Samsung millet

Product data line | Andrews charging line phone universal charger fast charge USB Po Wo Samsung millet
Product code: 18242700030
Unit price 2.09-4.01$
Sold quantity 138606
Available stock 61576

Product parameters:

  • Brand: Pisen / product wins
  • Data lines: mobile phones
  • Length: 0.5m 1.5m 1m 3M
  • Actual length 0.8 m 'White' Actual length 0.4 m 'White' Actual length 1.5 m 'White' Actual length 1.5 m 'Black' Actual length 3.0 m 'White' Actual length 0.8 m 'Black' Actual length 0.8 m White Actual 0.8m Black Actual 0.4m White Actual 1.5m White Actual 1.5m Black Actual 3m White
  • Applicable brands: Samsung / Samsung

The length of the shipment is pro-checked 'Color Classification 'Whichever!

(Note: 0.4 m is only used to charge the other length can charge and data transmission!)

Matsuo MOTO-2 Samsung Samsung millet mobile phone Micro USB charging cable data cable

Product wins mobile charging Po with the use of lines, USB charging cable, can also be directly plugged into the computer USB charging (charging phone support required)

Note: This product not only has USB charging function, also has data transfer function!

The MOT-2 interface is suitable for machines that support Micro USB 5pin charging. Some excerpts are as follows:

Huawei: U8800 C8600 C8500 C8500S U8500 and so on

ZTE: V880 U880 N880

Amagatarai: W700 Ali cloud

Nokia: N97 N85 N86 5630XM E52 8208C8600 8800A 8800SA 8800E 89002228 1508 6500c 7900 N900 3710F 6700C E55 E75 N97mini, etc. (Part of the Nokia mobile phone model data and charging interface for the separation, if it is this phone, you do not have the charging function, be sure to pay attention)

Motorola: V8 V9 E8 Q9 U9 A1600 EM30 Q11VE66 AURA A3000 A3100 ZN5 V10 ZN300A855 XT701 XT800 MT710 A1210 XT702ME600 EM330 XT711 W7 W562 ME501 EX128 EX200 MT810 XT502 XT3ME511 A1680 ME502 XT301 EX210 XT300MT716 XT806 CLIQ DEXT MB200 EX300Droid 2 A955 Droid X MB810 BRAVO

Sony Ericsson: X10 mini pro J108i W100i U5i U8i X2 X2i X10 X8 E15i A8i M1i

Samsung: i8000 i8510 m7500 s7350 s8000 S8500 M8910 i7500 i8910 M7600 S3930C i897 S5600 S8300 B7300 G818 C3300K G818E s6700c M3318C S5630C F309 S359 S239 M609 C5510U I329 S5608U i5800 i5801 i8180C B7620U S5560 I899 S5530 B299 i6330C S7220U B3210 S5150 F809 W319E189 S5628 S7070C I5700 B7722 B7702 C3730C B7610 S5150 F809 B7330 S5580 S3550 B5310 I6500 B7732 I8320 B7680 i909 i9008 i9088 i9000 M110S C3630 S3370 i7680 i5508 i5500 F859 B6520 M5650U S559 i6410 S5680 S569 C5530 M3318C B3212 C3730C S7550

HTC: HTC Nexus One Desire Google GOOGLE G5 G7HTC Legend G6 A6363 HD mini T5555 T9199HTC HD2 T8585 T8588 EVO 4G T-Mobile G2Dopod:A6388 T5588 HTC wildfire Fire wild:G8 A3333HTC Aria A6380 G9 HTC Desire Z Desire HDHTC A9199 N1 T8188 A8180desire:A3366

LG: GD900 BL40 GT505 GD510 BL20e GT500 BL20 KV600 KX266 GD310

blackberries: 8220 8520 8530 8900 95009520 9530 9550 9630 9700

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