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Zhuhai | factory direct supply advertising supplies, inkjet machine supplies / Ink

Zhuhai | factory direct supply advertising supplies, inkjet machine supplies / Ink
  • Zhuhai | factory direct supply advertising supplies, inkjet machine supplies / Ink
Product code: 1824200001
Unit price: 80 CNY  (11.63 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Brand Dongkang model Piezo photo machine ink For brand models Five head Epson
Cartridge capacity Various capacities Filling Can be filled Aftermarket Type Shop three packs
Colour Black, red, yellow, blue

The company sells a variety of quality products, fair prices, quality product quality, welcome new and old customers call specific dwell. Our aim is to 'victory with wisdom, victory by Germany', our 'integrity first' 'professional focus', 'first-class service' attitude based.

Compatibility: use of raw materials through strict physical and chemical properties testing and analysis, comparison with the performance of the original cartridge, with 100% compatibility with printing ink dots ejected smooth, clear and uniform.

Long shelf life: ink with a strong chemical stability, production and processing in a completely sterile environment of constant temperature, to ensure long-term stability of the ink, the shelf life of more than three years.

Printing natural and realistic: the printer to print out the picture color bright, lifelike, reflecting the nature of the true nature of the company's ink products produced by the manufacturer to use when filling are vacuum technology, using three vacuum-packed, so that the air can not. dissolved in the ink, so the color will never print any changes from start to finish. color separation process through natural color, according to the characteristics of different inkjet model, type printer, for composition and color ink be adjusted accordingly and then undergo a rigorous scientific process refined, thus ensuring that apply to different models.

Without any negative impact: products in the super-standard purification plants for the production, eliminate the phenomenon outside dust into all the ink cartridges are high boiling point, low freezing point of liquid dye refined, under any circumstances be avoided due to the crystalline particles. clog printhead phenomenon, the printer does not produce any side effects.


100ml / 250ml / 500ml / 1kg / 5kg / 20kg

Transparent bottles, transparent refilled bottles, white bottles, jars dispersed, square bottle, portable pots, soft belt packaging, barrels;

In addition, we can meet customers' packaging requirements.

Capacity to provide customers with a variety of packaging choices! Welcome!