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Wireless | Magnetic | doors | window | Alarm | door alarm | Security Alarm | white two-tone door sensor alarm

Wireless | Magnetic | doors | window | Alarm | door alarm | Security Alarm | white two-tone door sensor alarm
  • Wireless | Magnetic | doors | window | Alarm | door alarm | Security Alarm | white two-tone door sensor alarm
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Loud little gadget! Works well, is cheap, and is easy to set up. Small and not easy to spot if placed behind a door or inside of a cupboard. Comes with a sticky tape taped behind for ease of installation. Cute, nifty, noisy and good for people who are sleeping or have hearing problems because it is so loud.

Wireless Home Security Window Door Entry Alarm RV Burglar Alarm


►Window / Door Entry Alarm System for Home Security.
►No installation required - just stick it on the side of window or door!
►Double-side Adhesive tape on unit for easy mounting.
►Magnetic sensor switch detects entry protecting your home or office whenever somebody in or out.
►Up to 90 dB alarm sound.
►Chime / OFF / Alarm slide switch
►Color: White
►Unit size:
Main Unit:. Approx 63mm x 30mm x20mm
Magnetic sensor: (12 x 55 x 14 mm)
►Working voltage: DC 4.5 voltage (3 pieces of 1.5V LR44 button cell included)

Package included:
1 x alarm unit
1 x Magnetic sensor

This product is easy to install, simply paste in the door the host machine will be pasted on the door, vice, or on two windows, Deputy machine arrows aligned with the host side of the mark. When someone illegally open door or window separation (main and auxiliary parts more than 10mm), the alarm will be issued) 90db siren to warn the intruder to leave. they have to open the door when the window switch can be controlled using the 3 * 1.5vlr44 button batteries (included Pat the machine).

The alarm is mounted on a door or window, the thief want to open the door or window, the alarm will sound an alarm immediately, the switch can be turned off when not in use. Application of magnetic induction alarm control technology, long life, easy to install. Use stickers pasted, without screws, paste can use! Do not damage household items! (the other can be installed in the Internet cafe computer chassis, computer hardware to prevent theft)

Uses: Can be installed on the doors and windows, with a switch, when the switch is turned on, if the door is opened, it will emit a loud alarm sound sleep at night or when not at home, when out of the office, the alarm switch open, anti-theft security.

Usage: alarm is composed of a large and a small piece composition; the alarm size pieces are attached to the sides of the two windows in the middle gap; large and small pieces arranged in parallel; intermediate gap size pieces so as not more than 5 mm ( can refer to the packaging looks posted good), small pieces with an arrow; to the opposite direction of the arrow on the large and bulky parallel posted good; to theft; closed the window; switch to turn on the alarm; if thieves pushed the window; As long as the window opened (ie alarm large and small pieces of more than 5 mm apart), the alarm will send a strong alarm sound; the house owner will take immediate action; or thieves will be caught and Homelessness escape

color: white
Unit Size:
Alarm device: about 63 mm x30 mm x20mm
Magnetic sensors: (12 * 55 * 14 mm)
Operating voltage: DC4.5 voltage (3 1.5V LR44)
Product Material: ABS + Electronic Components

Package includes:
An alarm device
A magnetic sensor