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Radio | radio wave RF electronic pen to find things | anti-lost

Radio | radio wave RF electronic pen to find things | anti-lost
  • Radio | radio wave RF electronic pen to find things | anti-lost
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Other info: 9KG
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Wireless RF Remote Control Item Key Finder Locator Seeker Personal Finder

Brand new advanced technology goods finder, practical and convenient for seeking for important things
When you urgently need to use a certain goods and you can not find it, you can use it to solve your trouble
One remote control unit can look for several receivers or goods with 4 keys, 6 keys and 8 keys series (Not included)
With wireless emitter and receiver code matching function, high interruption resisting
Energy saving, power consuming rate is only 2UA
Compact size, easy to carry
Remote control distance is 2 ~ 20 meters
The emitter powered by 1 x 12V 27A battery (Battery Included)
And receiver powered by 1 x CR2032 button cell (Button cell Included)
- Please pay attention to change battery after 6-10 months
- If emitter does not send out goods-finding signal, receiver will be at rest state
How to use:
- The goods finder composed of emitter and receiver, the remote control unit sends signal to the wireless receiver
- When getting the signal from emitter, the receiver will response immediately, and send out warning sound B. B and LED light will be flashing, which will let you find the goods that you are looking for
Color: Mainly Black
Emitter size (L x W x T): 115 x 20 x 15 mm
Receiver size (L x W x T): 55 x 34 x 20 mm

Package Included:
1 x Emitter (Remote Control)
2 x Receivers

In the busy city, people increasingly fast pace of life in the fast-paced city life there are always losing things were careless, often forgotten in the bag can not remember where, or to get a mobile phone lost, even worse is the kids took to the streets to play, a blink of an eye the children get lost, people really worried to death! So electronic anti-loss products have emerged.

Emission electron anti-lost use radio waves inhibition principle, the handset radio waves when a steady job, no alarm after the host receives the host of a radio signal when the distance between master and slave master receives exceeds a predetermined distance less than radio signal sub-machine immediately sound an alarm to alert the user's attention. level mainly electronic anti-lost quality products in volume, power consumption and reliability. When the electronic anti-lost use need to carry, so requires its volume to be very small, and to work for a long time, it requires power pole province, using common components and therefore not meet the above requirements. eighth electronic anti-lost generations of anti-lost original on the basis of improving the way radio on the code, increasing the anti-lost in stability and anti-interference, to eliminate the phenomenon of false positives and fiddling products at the same frequency.

1. Easy to use, wide applicability
Find objects consists of sub-machine (transmitter) and machine tools (receiver) of two parts; compact; easy to carry; widely used in mobile phones; wallet; bags; children; and other precious objects (people) product anti-lost and anti-theft purposes .
2. Feature complete, stable performance
Find objects having an adjustable distance (2-20 m arbitrary regulation), with anti-lost; look for; police voice prompts (or incidental vibration function), automatic power-saving features, there are 512 kinds of encoding microcomputer control technology, its performance is absolutely very stable and reliable.
3. The appearance of new, green
Small fine beautiful design; the use of frequencies 422HZ; reception sensitivity -100dbm

- Note 6-10 months after replacing the battery
- If the transmitter does not send the goods to find a signal, the receiver will be at rest state

1 12V27A batteries (including battery) Transmitter
The 1 * CR2032 button batteries (button battery) Receiver
Color: mainly black
Transmitter dimensions (length x width x thickness): 115 * 20 * 15 mm
Receiver dimensions (length x width x thickness): 55 * 34 * 20 mm

Package Includes:
A transmitter (remote control)
2 Receiver