Phone signal detector

Phone signal detector

Product description:

NEW Cell phone Buster Mobile Phone Detector Cell Locator
Introduction our new and advanced hand-held cell phone detector
The Cell Buster allows security officers to scan real-time for unauthorized cell phone activity in correctional facilities, helping detect the precise location of the caller.

The Cell Buster Cell Phone Detector is ideal for tracking down regular or concealed GSM mobile devices. Find and detect concealed transmitting cellular devices quickly and easily in GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmission ranges up to 130 ft.

Great for teachers in schools and lecturers at colleges too.

Detecting Frequency Range: 1MHz-8000MHz
Main Frequency channel:
Detecting the cellphone signal:
GSM800 GSM900 GSM1800 PHS1900 CDMA850 3G
The detecting range
up to 130 feet (40m)
Detecting sensitivity
(= 0.05mw

Detecting dynamic range
) 70DB
Indicate mode
9 levels LED luminescence indication / voicing instruction
9V laminated battery

4.72 in. X 2.44 in. X. 86 in.
Great for:
` Movie theaters
` Hospitals
` Work Environments
` Churches
` Libraries
` And much more

Product Specifications:

Main Channel:
For the 20MHz-6000MHz

Detect mobile phone signals:
GSM800 GSM900 GSM 1800 PHS1900 CDMA8503G

Detection range
Up to 130 feet (40M)

Detection sensitivity
(= 0.05mw

The dynamic range of the assay
) 70DB

Display mode
9 LED light indication / voice commands

9V battery

4.72 inches X2.44 inch x. 86 英寸

Applies to:
`Working environment