SS-168P smoke alarms | 9V battery / Independence | Smoke

SS-168P smoke alarms | 9V battery / Independence | Smoke

Product description:

Product description:
Photoelectric detection way
Surface mounted
Optical labyrinth
Using CMOS low power consumption microprocessor
Special moistureproof design
With manual testing, manual reset function
Working performance is stable and reliable
Single-sided PCB process
Use of ultra-thin type structure design
Structure design is unique; dustproof; insect-resistant; fight outside light interference
Product information
Optical cavity labyrinth
Working voltage
9 VDC / 12 VDC
Working current
Electrostatic current less than 10 ua alarm working current 10 to 30 ma
Smoke sensitivity
Conform to the ul217 number standard test value per foot 3.2% faint gray smoke detector have reaction
Working environment
- 10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Alarm volume
10 feet for 85 decibels
Alarm output
Cable way: the sound and light alarm/ without output, alarm ruled out automatically disconnect
Wireless way: alarm emission frequency F: 315 m / 433 m.
Wireless transmitting distance (shielding distance) : 50 m, customizable
Round size; R = 105 mm, H = 38 mm