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Pink wings snatches | anti -wolf

Pink wings snatches | anti -wolf
  • Pink wings snatches | anti -wolf
Product code: 18232200001
Unit price: 19 CNY  (2.76 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
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Other info: 2KG
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This is a very beautiful decoration, but it is also every girl's personal bodyguard. Pull the insert piece out, it will alarm at take attention of others. Keep cell phone, bag safe, also a alarm when you need help
Innovative Design, Stylish and Discreet
Lanyard for attachment to bag, purse or mobile phone
90 Decibels for effective defence against aggressors
Emergency alarm
Good quality and nice wing shape
Small size and light-weight, Metal pull pin
Angel series Personal alarm / anti-wolf control/ anti-wolf guardian angel alarm
Simple convenient, not easy to be aware of, keep you out of danger, just like a phone or handbag decoration small goods.
This Personal Anti-theft Alarm could protect your personal property from stealing and avoid lost When someone tried to steal from you, the alarm will deliver an Ultra-alarm to remind you
Maximum voice is 90DB; loud enough to draw people's attention and frighten the thief Can be attached to their key ring; easy to use
The noise will attract attention in any emergency situation and deter attackers
Can be attached to the wrist; your key chain; and your bag; luggage; or used in the home on the door handle and a fixed fitting
Suitable for woman; children; joggers; elderly; disabled; travelers; night shift workers; alone people
How to use:
when you encounter in danger surrounding or meet the bad man, quickly pull out alarm rope, it will ring automatically, loud alarm will spread out. keep you out of risk, and attract other human attention.


Material: Plastic
Color: Pink
Dimensions: 6*3*1.8 cm
Weight : 0.018kg

What's in the box?

1 x Alarm