Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Kit

Motorcycle Helmet Intercom Kit

Product description:

This intercom system will allow you can talk freely,when you two on the same ride and can take freely. In-ear phones give you a real loud sound and high-quality sound without noise. Stereo system will help you to enjoy music from CD, MP3, MP4 and so on.


1. High-quality sound talk freely.
2. Enjoy stereo audio from CD, MP3, MP4 and so on.
3. Smart appearance is easy to operate.
4. Prolonged use of high quality rope.
5. Lower power consumption.


2 x AAA-1.5volts Batteries (not provided)
Power Output: 150Mw
Frequency :50-20, 000Hz + / -3 dB
Export: 320hm, 150mW.84dB + /-3Db
Dimension: 63x56x19mm
Weight without batteries: 40g
Working Temperatures:-20degrees ~ +50 degrees

Operation: To start or stop the intercom, back to the volumes Mollettes: (2) for the passenger and (1) for the pilot.