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Banana CD burning disc blank music discs empty CD car CD-R50

Banana CD burning disc blank music discs empty CD car CD-R50
Product code: 1822500030
Unit price 4.75-5.23$
Sold quantity 62972
Available stock 274420

Product parameters:

  • Packing: shrink film packaging
  • Brand: BANANA / banana
  • Series: CD-R orchids
  • Sales: single-chip retail box / whole barrel for sale
  • 50packs / 50pcs PP bag 50pcs drums + CDs 1pc 50pcs (strongly recommended) 50pcs without bags 50pcs + CDs 1pc 50pcs 50 million pieces of red plastic series of 50 Jane no gift banana billion Department of CD platinum 50 (no gifts) Zhang Jian loaded +50 thick PP bag double eleven panic buying!
  • Burn disc type: No special properties
  • Format: CD-R
  • Number of pieces: 50 pieces
  • Read and write speed: 52X
  • Recordable disc capacity: 700MB
  • Diameter: 12cm

Pro before the owner is sent to the barrel, but the cost of packaging and barrels is too high, the owner does not support down on the shelves with the pro who thank the owner has launched a bucket of activities to quickly buy bar Buy a thin section of the PP bag 50 or a disc pen with a baby is also sent to send another 50 such as PP bag we will send you a CD pen if you buy a CD with the pen we will Send you 50 thin section of PP bags (No barrels alone, the main map to write nothing to send is not to send something please note)

Please refer to the shipping cost of the pro-template Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Qinghai, Hainan, Tibet, Hainan, Hainan, air pieces do not charge the owner of the disc shipped several times to return a fine so it can only send other courier,

Pro-absolute raw materials, rest assured to buy 7 days no reason to return! When the pen to buy the pen if the color requirements, please ask customer service whether the goods after their note, not note the color of random delivery! Disk factory is 50 pieces of paperback owner of the distribution of a barrel to ensure that each barrel is issued to the barrel intact Non-destructive receipt in case of damage after the pro-understanding