Banana blank CD disc CD burning music discs, CD auto air carrier discs CD-R50 Pack

Banana blank CD disc CD burning music discs, CD auto air carrier discs CD-R50 Pack

Product description:

Product parameters:

  • Packing: shrink film packaging
  • Brand: BANANA / banana
  • Series: CD-R orchid
  • Sales form: Monolithic retail whole box / barrel sale of the whole
  • Color Classification: 50 + 50 a barrel thick PP bags 50 barrels a barrel pen + CD 50 (strongly recommended section) Get a bag or a pen without any gifts Paperback 50 50 pen a paperback + CD 50 Zhang thick PP bags paperback +50 months Specials Verbatim Double rainbow CD50 send 50 PP bags thin red plastic car CD (burning red face, sending PP bags) banana billion in the series CD Platinum 50 (no gifts)
  • Discs Type: no special attributes
  • Format: CD-R
  • Disc: 50
  • Read and write speed: 52X
  • Burn disk capacity: 700MB
  • Diameter: 12cm

Pro before the owner is packaged and sent to the barrel, but the barrel is not too costly to support owner down on the shelf With parents who send thank shopkeeper has launched a bucket activity quickly snapped it Maijiu PP bags thin section 50 or a CD-ROM with a pen a baby is such as to buy additional send send 50 PP bags and then we will send you a CD if you buy a pen with the pen we will disc more to send your 50 PP bags thin section (No separate barrel, the main map write nothing to send them off is something Note)

Please refer to the pro-shipping freight template Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia and Hainan Airlines do not accept the disc member shopkeeper delivery times and return fines can only send other courier so do not mail

Pro absolute raw materials, rest assured purchase seven days no reason to return! When buying packages pen color pen if required, ask the customer whether the goods after their own notes about, not random delivery notes color! Disk factory is 50 paperback shopkeeper each dispensing a barrel to barrel to ensure that an owner is intact after receiving the lossless case has damaged the pro understanding