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WEDS-F6 camera attendance machine Weir attendance machine | anti-aliasing camera attendance | network U disk to download color

WEDS-F6 camera attendance machine Weir attendance machine | anti-aliasing camera attendance | network U disk to download color
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Will WEDS-F6
  • Attendance machine brand: WEDS / Weir
  • Model (20000-1): weds-F6
  • Attendance type: proximity card (IC / ID / RF card) type
  • F6C time and attendance machine (F6C attendance machine (send IC card time limit to send UPS power supply) F6D attendance (brush IC card time limit to send UPS power supply) Machine 1 set + card machine 1 set time limit to send UPS power supply)
  • Access authentication: credit card
  • After-sales service: three bags of shops

Product Description:

TFT True color LCD display, the operation can be real-time view, the image clear and dazzling, and with sound tips.

Support for induction M1 (IC) card, EM (ID) card, CPU card , 2.4G RF-UIM / RF-SIM card , Today's most mainstream radio frequency identification technology, the only card number, encryption performance, long service life.

Equipped with RJ45 Ethernet, 3G, WIFI and so on A variety of network communication, can achieve local area network, metropolitan area network and other long-distance transmission.

With ARM9 core architecture, the overall system response speed doubled, while using the world's leading industrial-grade core algorithm to ensure high-capacity fast and accurate time and attendance.

Real-time monitoring center management software, can be real-time monitoring, data viewing , Mode customization and many other functions.

Added built-in WIFI function, hardware watchdog function, low voltage and high Voltage alarm function.



Identification method

M1 (IC) card, EM (ID) card, CPU card , 2.4G RF-UIM / RF-SIM card

Identify speed

RF card recognition <0.2 seconds

Identify distance

2.5-10 cm (M1) , 2.5-15cm (EM), 3cm or more2.4G RF-UIM / RF-SIM card)

Attendance speed

60 person / min (fastest barrier speed)


256MB electronic hard drive, support 1G ~16GSD expansion card


3.5 inch true color TFT LCD screen, resolution 320 × 240

Network Interface

10 / 100Base-T Ethernet interface, RS232

Network protocol

TCP / IP communication protocol

power supply

DC 12V , 2A

Use of the environment

temperature -5 ℃-45Lt; 0 & gt; C, Humidity 10~90%

physical dimension

173 × 131 × 45 (mm) wall mounted

Doorbell function

Built-in doorbell function keys

Video camera

1.3 megapixel HD color camera

USB interface

Built-in USB high-speed interface

U disk transmission

1G / 2G / 4G / 8G / 16G

News release

You can control the terminal to publish messages

Wieganda head

Will Wiegand agreement, WG26, WG34, WG66 adaptive

Access control function

Built-in Single way Access Controller

Sound effect

Voice prompts, birthday reminders, Timing bells

Multimedia function

Advertising page play, background music


Professional design -Seiko production, easy installation.

Large-screen color liquid crystal display -3.5 inch TFT high-definition LCD display, the image is clear, fresh color.

Stable and reliable equipment -Using advanced LINUX embedded operating system, ARM9 hardware platform, 24 hours without a break for a long time to work.

Unique attendance camera function -1.3 million pixel high-definition color mini-camera, attendance instantly complete the camera, effectively prevent alternative attendance.

Visual access control -Innovative activation of the doorbell function keys, to achieve in the indoor visitors, safe, practical and convenient.

Multiple recognition methods -RF card, password, camera camera, can be any combination of identification, to meet the individual needs of users.

Cross-network data transfer -Built-in TCP / IP protocol, 100M high-speed network, can achieve cross-network data transmission.

With Wiegand interface -Can be an external Wiegand head, composed of dual card reader at the same time work.

Offline information transmission -Long distance inconvenience network status, can be used U disk transmission, to achieve staff files, attendance records, attendance and other information upload and download.

Attendance data real-time transmission -The use of a stable network platform to achieve real-time delivery of attendance data, greatly improving the reliability of attendance data.

High-definition voice feedback -Using voice reduction technology, with high-quality, high-definition operation voice prompts.

Efficient management software -Employees can be grouped, department management, improve management efficiency, reduce attendance statistics and human input.

Self-service record query -Attendance management software can view personal attendance records, statements, to keep abreast of their attendance status.

Power-down data protection -Attendance data will not be lost due to power failure, attendance is successful, the data will be firmly recorded to the system.

Multiple Accessibility -Meeting notice, birthday reminder, Timing bell , Regular sleep wake-up, background music, advertising page play.

Access Control -Since the distribution of relay output, but also optional external access controller, security access control function.

Electronic hard disk storage -Built-in 256M electronic hard drive, storage media can be dynamically allocated and expanded, can support 1GB-16GB SD expansion card.